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Truth in sex offender headlines? Really?
According to this article posted March 22, 46 registered sex offenders in Florida cannot be located by law enforcement. The headline, “21 sex offenders unaccounted for in Palm Beach County,” is designed as click-bait with the point being that almost half of...

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No validity for keeping those on sex offender registry from state parks
"What is the point in doing everything right for years when it counts for nothing? Where is the incentive? What I did was wrong, but that was 15 years ago. I'm not the same person I was when I was 19...My oldest is 9, and I've had to explain it to her -- wh...

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Sex offenders and the YMCA
I will from time to time receive columns or op-eds written by others with requests to print them on my blog. I have complied a time or two, but generally I do not. This one can be added to the times I complied. I received an email from someone requesting an...

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What does it take to activate a vigilante?
Obviously, not much. Start with a totally made-up story , make sure it involves
child sexual abuse and troops of pedophiles trading and selling kids in
Washington, D.C., and mix in enough of one of the major presidential candidates
to guarantee that approxi...

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What drives Ron Book?
 I watched the film Registered through live streaming
as it was shown at the RSOL National Conference that has just concluded in
Atlanta, Georgia. This film could well have been named, “Portrait of a bitter,
angry man.” Ron’s daughter Lauren was sexually as...

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Picketing and threats for Brock: Is there a better way?
In the wake of Brock Turner’s stint in jail and subsequent
release, America has not behaved very well. Like the cluster of schoolboys
ganging up to neutralize the playground bully, their actions are understandable
but not helpful to the ultimate goal of end...

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Dealing with monsters -- uh -- sex offenders
If things really come in threes, then I have a monster story yet to come my way. The first one was when an editor wrote a "Pokemon warning" to his readers and chose to call registrants living in the area "the real monsters." I took exception to that verbiag...

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But you can't do that -- I'm not a sex offender
Source  A horrible thing has been happening in a town in Texas. A
family has, for the past month or so, been subject to a barrage of harassment.
Strangers have been driving slowly past their home in this Dallas suburb and
yelling horrible things at them. Th...

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This week in the sex offender world
Re the current Pokemon Go craze and concern this could put children and youth in "proximity" to registrants: This is shaping up to be the new "Halloween boogie-man" scare. Now that enough people have said often enough and loudly enough that there is no stat...

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A good man's life ruined due to the public sex offender registry
My readers know that I do not often use someone else's words in my posts. I seem to have too many of my own bubbling over to need borrowed ones. However, I recently read a comment on the RSOL website that will not get out of my head. I could never write wha...
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