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The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.
The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.

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Fantastico... Dai loro tweet e dalle loro risposte sembra l'account ufficiale! :D Da seguire assolutamente!

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As someone who really doesn't like any sort of hardcore war simulation game, I find this idea absolutely great. More parents should do this with their children. #bf4 #cod  

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New personal download speed record #virginmedia  

I can't make up my own mind... #nexus5   or #Lgg2   (with CyanogenMod)?

Nexus 5:
+ Love the aesthetics
+ Updates straight from Google, better support from the modding community
+ Price
- Apparently bad(ish) battery life
- Lower quality camera
- Smaller screen, slightly worse visual angle

LG G2 Pros:
+ Better Battery life
+ Bigger Screen
+ Better camera
+ Knock knock
- Build quality (the usual crappy plasticky back)
- OS Updates? Slower release cycle from CM or other custom ROMs
- Higher price

Any advice?

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Loving my new #Microsoft #Surface Pro 2

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KTVU Epic Fail!! Who would ever want to fly with such a crew? :P

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Finally they got it! #microsoft to remove the #xboxone
always-on requrement and to change its used game policies! Now I MAY consider purchasing one again.

On a side note, the more I see these new-age flat designs (specifically Windows Phone 8 and iOS 7), the more I wonder if we crossed the line between simplicity and laziness. #wp8   #ios7   #flatdesign  

So, Apple just announced:
- A new version of their mobile OS which looks like a weird mixture between Android and Windows Phone, also featuring some horrible and inconsistent icons;
- A new Mac Pro which looks like a hoover;
- A new MacBook Air which just takes benefit from Haswell's power management features;
- An almost unchanged MacOS X. 

Where exactly are all the "polarizing" features promised by their management?

#ios7   #macbookair   #macpro2013   #macosx  

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Bank holiday shots :-)
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