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Hey Kristi...Where Ya Been?
I know I know.  It's been FOREVER since I have posted a blog.  The holidays....Work....Kids home for almost 3 weeks....My life has been just a WEEEE bit chaotic. Forgive me. Medically were are in a bit of a lull.  A very good thing, especially with brain tu...

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Applying For And Maintaining Social Security Disability
After  being diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis in 2007, I quickly had each of my 6 kids checked out and screened.  3 of the 6 of them were diagnosed shortly after. Seeing what my older brother Mike went through, in regards to NF, we made the decision to appl...

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Did You Kiss A Toad?
So, I have stayed relatively quiet here for the last few months.  But today, after hearing about this episode of Scream Queens, it spurred some inspiration. Overall....I think the episode did what it set out to do.  (I am NOT saying it did a good job) Aside...

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Lesson Learned
In 'every day life', my NF stays relatively quiet.  I go about my day just trying to survive the craziness.  I wake up, go to work...come home, spend time with the family...Go to bed, and begin again. Good days...Bad days....I just take them as they come. M...

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Rest in Peace Mikey
I miss you - Mikey.  Growing up, you and I were inseparable.  I didn't really know much about you, until after mom and dad divorced. I knew you were sick.  But you always showed strength....To the point, we both forgot about Neurofibromatosis. You were my b...

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Thriving Takes Action
As a human being, it's easy to focus on the negative things in life.  I mean let's face it, life is HARD! And sometimes, life is unfair. I didn't grow up as an overly optimistic person.  In fact, there are times when I think I am hard-wired to be a frustrat...

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I Didn't Know There Was Anything Wrong With You.
  I was
talking to my manager about my family, specifically why we have all these
doctor visits that include MRI's, blood draws, vision checks.... I wasn't
asking for time off for these appointments... but he was curious, because I
talk a lot about being at...

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Why Did God Make Me Ugly?
I was emailed a question a couple weeks ago from a woman suffering an extreme form of Neurofibromatosis.  Attached was a photo.  In the e-mail she asks the question..."Why did God make me ugly?" How do  you  define UGLINESS?  For me, when I think of that wo...

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Am I Making A Difference?
It's hard to believe that 2 weeks have gone by since I was in Canada.  It was such a heartwarming experience...And I find myself longing for more. While I was at the symposium I had this woman come up to me, shake my hand and tell me how much she liked my t...
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