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I should start posting a weekly thread titled "Obvious Walking Dead spoilers".

By "obvious" I mean I haven't read the comic so I don't have any extra insight.

1. This new town isn't going to work out. How do I know? Obvious.....otherwise the show would end if everything was great and they all settle down and lived happily ever after.

If you want to know how to survive the zombie apocolypse it's very simple.  Watch The Walking Dead......and then do the complete opposite of what they're doing.  Simple.

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I don't want to buy it with money.

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Just recieved my Sling TV invite. They give you a code and you have to call a toll free number to activate it. I'm not even sure if I'm going to go for it.  $20 a month for a measly 12 cable channels only one of which I like.  Almost no video on demand selection, no DVR function.  $5 extra a month (each) for an extra package of which there's only two, a kids package and a news package. I'm really just not seeing the value in it for $20 a month. I may check it out for a month just for the sake of checking something new out...but we'll see.

 If you would like to request an invite go to:

Nerdiest way to watch the Super Bowl?

NBC live stream on a Samsung Luminous Titan Chromebook streaming bluetooth audio to an Amazon Echo.

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I can only imagine how ridiculously beefed up the back end must be for the Super Bowl live stream to hold up this perfectly and at such a good quality.

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My new favorite website all about authentic Italian dishes and products focusing on the history.  Along with recipes for making traditional Italian recipes with those authentic products.

So it's Amazon pilot season again.  Watch them and vote for your favorite.

Even though they still haven't aired all but one from last time around yet and they are going to green light certain one's with or without your vote anyways.  So there's that.

It seems to me this isn't really working out for Amazon.  We vote on shows that appear to be good in the pilot or have potential...but that's the thing, it's the pilot. So far, in my opinion they've ALL turned out to be shit.

The one that just won the Golden Globes "Transparent" just sort of came out of nowhere as I don't recall that one being up for a vote last time around.  So if they are having more success just doing things on their own without making a big process out of it maybe they should just stick to doing that.

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I would go there just to ride it.
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