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Darwin Photo Walks
Photographers who like walking whilst shooting in Darwin, Australia
Photographers who like walking whilst shooting in Darwin, Australia

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Photos from +Michael Gibson are now up.
In January I had a great opportunity to try some studio photography with the +Darwin Photo Walks  Group. I have never shot in a studio before, nor I have a shot with off camera flashes. This event at +Nina K's Studio gave me the opportunity to use studio lighting and when the studio lights were being used I was also able to use Nina’s Pocketwizards on my Canon 430EXII flash to try some different style.
Thank you +Nina K for the use of your Studio, it was a great afternoon.
Darwin Photo Walks - January 2013 (14 photos)
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Photos from +Charles Strebor are up.
In a Studio with Dancers
Earlier this month, I had the privilege to attend a +Darwin Photo Walks event,  shooting a group of dancers in the studio of +Nina K - many, many thanks to Nina for the use of her studio and the sharing of her knowledge about the equipment she generously allowed us to use.  

Even more thanks to Melissa, Kia, Pieta and Danial - shooting your movement was a great opportunity and I wish you all possible succes in your dance careers.

Those of you familiar with my stream will know that shooting people isn't exactly my thing.  Yes, I do make lots of images of my god-sons and I cherish that - but shooting people - no, not my thing.  Having said that, I'm quite chuffed with a few of these images and I'm particularly impressed with the images shot whilst using Nina's flash system.

Thanks again Nina, Danial, Kia, Melissa and Pieta.

Previous post regarding this event:

I ended up losing only about 20 images, as far as I can recall.  Most of these were in the sets with Danial as well as most of the shots taken whilst outside of the studio in the paddock.
Darwin Photo Walks (18 photos)
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I had the pleasure of shooting dancers in a studio this past Saturday evening with +Darwin Photo Walks at +Nina K's studio.  I haven't had time, until this evening, to even look at the images.  I loaded the card into the appropriate slot in the computer and there's nothing there.  Nothing - not even the standard, invisible default files that are always there.

I used ZAR data recovery a few years back when this issue raised its ugly head.  Here's to hoping it works this time.

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Some of +Owen Gale 's images from this weekend's session at +Nina K 's studio. Thanks to the long suffering dancer models and Nina for sharing her wonderful set-up and gear.
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Darwin Photowalks - A Schedule for 2013

Welcome to 2013 - may it be all you want it to be and more.

So far, we have one event scheduled and several others planned for early in the new year but with no firm dates.  We've also had several ideas suggested that we need to follow through with, plan for and then make dates.

12 January 2013
In the Studio - with +Nina K 
This will be an afternoon of shooting dancers in Nina's studio and then heading out to the paddock for more shooting.  A second post will be made (private to those who participate in our gatherings) where Nina can give people directions to her studio and any other instructions that may be needed.

February 2013
Aviation Museum - No further plans nor a date as yet.

March 2013
Post-processing with +Bryan Seears
A date and location is to be determined.

Other ideas for this year:
- Corroboree Billabong - booking a boat (+Owen Gale will be responsible for this) and spending a day on the billabong.

Please feel free to post any ideas you may have and we'll be sure to do our best to get them into our schedule.

Please note: both +Charles Strebor and +Owen Gale are now undertaking administration duties for this page.

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Charles' photos are up.
Corroboree Billabong - Photo Walking on Water
#Derek #Photography   #DSLR #DarwinPhotoWalks   #PhotoWalks  

The first image in this set is my favourite from the weekend cruise with +Darwin Photo Walks at Corroboree Billabong.  Though the birds were beautiful, the crocodiles fierce and the sky amazing, this tree - well, it really took my fancy.
Darwin Photo Walks (5 photos)
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Irawan's photos are up.
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Owen's photos are up.
Darwin Photowalks Corroboree Billabong cruise 24 November 2012 (10 photos)
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Bryan's photos are up - who would have guessed this would be his first crocodile shots?
Who would have thought it would be so hard to get sharp images at twilight rocking around in a boat - I've never managed to get very good images with the 7D at high iso's (800 or above), and to be honest I was kitted up for birds, with the sigma 120-300 2.8 and 1.4X extender, so it's probably no surprise that I wasn't happy with one bird image that i took, they where either to noisy or a a little too blurry (though to be fair to the camera I am a little picky..).
The upside is that after 24 years of living in Darwin these are the very first pictures of crocodiles I've ever taken.
Enjoyed the cruise immensely and will difinately be going back in the daylight hours to see what I can get. 
Coroboree Billabong_November 24, 2012 (7 photos)
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+Scott Murray's shots from yesterday are up.
Photos from my first Darwin Photo Walk.

Just got done quickly editing a few photos that I thought could be keepers, the low light and my f5.6 400mm VR lens made it difficult to get really sharp shots. Looking at the 2.8's that were on the shoot got me thinking again and I may purchase one before Africa.
Darwin Photo Walks, Corroboree Billabong NOv 2012 (21 photos)
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