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Great offer!
Amazing deal from Gilt City: 10 round-trip flights on Virgin America for as little as $1,270, excluding fees.

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Tested the new Editions app (a Flipboard competitor). Some initial thoughts:
1. Like the way in which it allows for a "magazine-style" experience, even more so than Flipboard.
2. Sync with FB and Twitter accounts for recs. Makes sense. Sync with my AIM profile....good idea....if the year were 2004. Would also like to see LinkedIn.
3. The tag suggestion is an interesting one to help it serve more relevant content going forward, but needs lots of work. An article about South Africa displayed recommended tags including "tire", "Master's Degree", and "Snake in the Grass." Admittedly, I'm very curious as to what that last one would generate going forward!
4. Enjoying the Local News feature. Smart add to a news curation app on a mobile device.
5. Super easy setup.
6. Feels personalized by adding little touches like local weather and horoscope.
7. Though it's owned by AOL, I see a good diversity of content among publishers. Clearly, the Tech section peeks my curiosity and it wasn't overloaded with content from Techcrunch, Engadget, or HuffPo.
8. Algorithm needs some work. The lead image introducing the Sports section is of Rupert Murdoch and promotes a Vanity Fair article. As a sports fan, this is a huge miss.

Has some promise here. No ads yet, so the business model remains to be seen. What's your experience with this app?

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Thoroughly enjoyed this article, "The Newsonomics of Netflix". How Netflix model can apply to media.

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Some good laughs here!

My early observation about Google+ is that there is a ways to go in order to get the general online population to shift over from Facebook.

My Circles that are labeled "Friends" and "Family" are pretty much like a ghost town with tumbleweed blowing by. I filled these specific Circles with my "original friends" (not just FB-only or Twitter-only friends) and the near complete absence of posts is a sign that they don't have a need or interest in switching to Google+. Offline conversations with them about their Google+ experience generates the same interest in them as did the idea to me of taking a college course in organic chemistry. The thought of rebuilding lists (i.e., Circles), reuploading photos, readding friends, etc., is not an insignificant undertaking, so no incentive for them to move when FB works just fine.

Among my early influencer/adopter crowd, a lot of the discussion is around, "what are you finding useful/enjoyable about Google+?" If those of us in this "circle" (see what I did here) are asking these questions, then we'll need to find compelling answers before we can begin to pitch our "original friend" crowd about joining us over here.


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Hee, hee!

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I like how is 40% shorter than thereby making it more Twitter-friendly! ; )

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Want to keep up with Mashable staff on Google+? Check out our full staff list,

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