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What is a Polygraph?

The word polygraph literally means “many writings”

The polygraph is a diagnostic tool which records respiration, cardiovascular activity and electro dermal activity, the instrument itself is a combination of several recording devices routinely used in the medical and scientific community

Other names for the polygraph include ‘Psychophysiological detection of deception’ and ‘lie detector’. Whilst the polygraph is often termed a “lie detector”, this can be confusing as the polygraph instrument does not actually detect lies. The polygraph measures, through way a number of components attached to a subject, the physiological responses which occur when that subject is asked questions. This information (or tracing)s are recorded on charts which the examiner can interpret to make a determination as to whether or not the subject was being truthful when answering the questions.

A polygraph test will take a minimum of 1.5hours but may take up to three hours. The test comprises of three parts.

The first part is the pre-test, the polygraph examiner will complete required paperwork and talk with the examinee about the test. During this period, the examiner will discuss the questions to be asked and familiarize the examinee with the testing procedure.

The second part is the collection of charts , the examiner will administer and collect a number of polygraph charts. Following this, the examiner will analyse the charts and render an opinion as to the truthfulness of the person taking the test. The examiner, when appropriate, will offer the examinee an opportunity to explain physiological responses in relation to one or more questions asked during the test. It is important to note that a polygraph does not include the analysis of physiology associated with the voice.

Finally the chart analysis and post-test interview concludes the process.

Use of the polygraph has been increasing generally in Ireland and the U.K and it is often used as part of an investigative process when either a crime or a suspected crime has been committed. This use is likely to continue to increase
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Why would someone take a Polygraph test they know they cannot pass?

Many of our clients use our services to prove they are being truthful in a matter, but there are some who take the test knowing they cannot possibly pass.

We conduct many test for relationship issues.
Some guilty parties believe that by offering to do a test this may pacify their partner, they are prepared to take a chance on booking a test in the expectation this will be seen as a sign of innocence and they will not actually be required to go through with it. Sometimes this pays off, for others it doesn’t; therein lies the dilemma. If they cancel the test this will be taken as a sign of guilt, but if they go through with the test they will fail. So should they confess now or take a chance on beating the polygraph?

This is usually when we have a situation where counter-measures are employed by the examinee Unfortunately for the examinee, there is a lot of mis-information out there relating to the polygraph and any experienced examiner will quickly pick up on the tactic being used.
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Who uses Polygraph tests?
We are often asked this question by the general public! Often the enquirer is of the view that polygraphs are mainly undertaken by those unfortunate enough to be in a relationship whereby one party suspects their partner of being unfaithful.

Whilst it is true that the polygraph can play an important role when trust or infidelity issues arise in relationships -once trust has been broken it can be difficult for the injured party to believe in their partner again, often concerns about any further undisclosed indiscretions can be a major obstacle and polygraph testing can assist in these circumstances. However, there are countless other scenarios whereby we carry out polygraph tests for members of the public. The vast majority of our clients undertake a polygraph test because they need to prove they are telling the truth.

We regularly test clients who have been the subject of serious accusation(s). Quite often there is no corroborative evidence, simply someone makes an allegation and our client finds themselves in a position whereby it is very difficult to clear their name – until they take a polygraph test.

It would be true to say that most of our clients would not historically envisaged they would ever need to take a polygraph test.

Sometimes our clients have lived with the consequences of an untrue allegation for many years. This may have had a hugely detrimental effect on their physical and emotional wellbeing. Resulting in psychological and physical ailments and disorders. Having the power take back control and prove they have been truthful is an important part of the recovery process.
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Will you marry me......after you've passed a Polygraph? The number of engaged couples seeking polygraph tests prior to their wedding is increasing. In many cases previous infidelity is a feature. Whilst the relationship is back on track, some doubts remain and the betrayed partner but wants to ensure that the full extent of the unfaithfulness has been admitted with no further details being with-held. When the guilty partner took some time to “confess” or only did so after evidence was found, doubts can still remain as to whether they are still
being entirely honest.The betrayed partner wants to ensure there have not been any further indiscretions before they commit to marriage. It can take time to rebuild trust and this is entirely understandable. Sometimes we come across situations where the betrayed partner believes and trusts that their partner has changed and is now faithful. In these circumstances, the polygraph is for the benefit of family who remain hostile and suspicious towards the cheater and do not want to see their loved one hurt again.
There may be no suspicions of cheating but both parties want to test the truthfulness of information provided to them by their partner, before they make a lifelong commitment. This may involve questions regarding promiscuity, number of previous sexual partners or information that would result in them deeming their partner unsuitable for marriage.
Knowing the truth can help establish the next step in the full confident that you are making these decision’s equipped with the facts.
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“Give a dog a bad name and hang him”
Once a person loses his reputation, he is likely to be blamed for the misdeeds of others
Unfortunately the follies of youth can come back to haunt us in later life, when our earlier transgressions can result in being at the top of a suspect list when a wrongdoing occurs.
You can hardly blame others – it’s not easy to lose a bad reputation and trust, once lost can be extremely difficult to regain. It is often easier for others to believe history has repeated itself than face the fact that perhaps someone else is to blame.
We come across many domestic situations (often when a theft has occurred) where in the absence of any evidence the family member with a chequered past is the main or only suspect.
We can’t change our past- but it is possible to clear your name by taking a polygraph test to prove you have not done what you are being accused of. Unfortunately these situations tend to deteriorate over time and can tear families apart, so for anyone in this situation I would urge you to take a polygraph test sooner rather than later.
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The thought of polygraph testing in the workplace may (understandably) fill employees with fear and trepidation. They may be worried that the test will be intrusive or delve too deeply into personal issues.
However, there must always be a genuine reason for a test before an examiner will agree to conduct polygraph testing in the workplace. Quite often this may relate to an economic loss, a theft or fraud for example, where there is an on-going specific investigation taking place. Sometimes there is an official criminal investigation, sometimes the business wishes to resolve the issue internally.
Our experience of polygraph testing in a business environment has been very positive.
Unfortunately, people can find themselves in a position whereby, through no fault of their own, they are under suspicion of a serious crime, and they are unable to prove their innocence. This can cause significant stress for the people under suspicion; it can cause an uncomfortable and stressful work environment and relations between employees and also with management can deteriorate. This results in a detrimental effect of the health and emotional well-being of employees and often results in increased level of absenteeism and sick leave.
Being offered a polygraph test, we find is welcomed strongly by innocent employees. It gives them a chance to clear their name and to remove the grey cloud of doubt which would otherwise always be hanging over them. The guilty suspect(s) feel compelled to take a test, as their innocent colleagues have agreed to undertake the test.
Polygraph testing in these situations identifies the culprit(s) and just as importantly allows innocent parties to prove their innocence and restores harmony in the workplace.
Frequently the tests we conduct on behalf of employers are in relation to large sums of money going missing, but tests are also conducted in relation to many other matters such as fraud, allegations of misconduct, allegations of sexual harassment and dispute resolution.
Polygraph testing in the workplace is a quick and effective method of dealing with issues which may otherwise remain unresolved or take months or years to conclude.
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Lie Detector Test Ireland

Lie Detector Limited provides polygraph (often referred to as Lie Detector) services in Ireland for both private individuals and corporate clients.
Tests are conducted in relation to issues such as matrimonial issues, theft, fraud, assaults, domestic disputes, false allegations, sexual harassment cases and dispute resolution.
Unfortunately some people are still not aware that polygraph / lie detector tests are conducted in Ireland and believe they have to travel to the U.K for even fly an examiner over to Ireland, which clearly adds significant costs. We are only the only company in Ireland providing polygraph tests. Our examiners live and work in Ireland. Anyone else who claims this is trying to deceive you.
Lie Detector Ltd is committed to providing a professional and credible testing service. All of our examiners are fully qualified and are members of the American Polygraph Associations and the British Polygraph Association.
Please visit us at our website for more information –
Or contact us for a free consultation –
Or visit us on facebook –
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False accusations can and do destroy lives! Your reputation is under attack and the result of these often unfounded and or malicious allegation can have a severe detrimental effect on the life of the person involved and those around them.
The situation can be worse when there is no easy way to prove the accusation is false. With the lack of any physical evidence, it can boil down to your word against another’s; it can be very difficult to clear your name.
We deal with many people in these situations. Often through no fault of their own they find their life has been turned upside down. Unfortunately in many situations there can be a predisposition by others to presume these allegations to be true- instead of presuming innocence until proven guilty. We are often told by our clients that even if those around them are supportive and reassure them that they don’t believe the allegation(s), our client can’t help but wonder whether this is really true or at the back of their minds is there some doubt regarding their innocence.
The physical effect’s a person can suffer include anxiety, anxiousness, agitation, sleeplessness, depression and even thoughts of suicide. They may feel angry, shocked, lose confidence and suffer emotional and physical trauma. They may be unable to work, they may be suspended from work, this can lead to severe financial stresses. The persons reputation may be damaged and they may have to spend a lot of time, energy and money trying to clear their name.
A polygraph test can help you rebuilt your reputation and relieve some of the physical and emotional effects. It is reported to us by many clients that the ability to prove you are being truthful in a matter, can improve both physical and mental well-being. They often talk about a weight being lifted and being able to sleep much better after passing a polygraph test.
When you are wrongly accused, in the absence of corroborative evidence, a polygraph test can help you clear your name. Feel free to contact us if you need further information.
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Price may be a factor when choosing a polygraph examiner, however it is not the most important factor - experience is! Life changing decisions may be made following the results of a test, so you need to make sure you're choosing an experienced examiner who can deliver accurate results. We are the most experienced polygraph examiners in Ireland- but the other good news is we are also very competitively priced. You are getting the most experienced and the best value when you choose Lie Detector Ltd. We also don't hide behind fake addresses and fake google reviews, unlike some of our competitors, it's kind of ironic that some who advertise they are in pursuit of the truth, cannot be truthful on their own websites! Don't be fooled, do your research, picking the right examiner is one of the most important decision you will make.
Tel: 01 685 4715
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WE ARE THE ONLY POLYGRAPH COMPANY IN IRELAND. We are in our seventh year of conducting polygraph tests in Ireland. We are based in Ireland and all our examiners live and work in Ireland. Sometimes a business operating from a different country will try and appear to be based in Ireland – and mislead potential customers by claiming to have lots of offices in Ireland, when in fact they do not have any physical presence at all in this country and simply use fake addresses and have Irish phone numbers which are being answered in another country. Quite often these businesses are just out to make a quick buck and do not have any qualified polygraph examiners and simply hire one on the day to conduct the test. This is fradulent and leaves the customer with no redress what-so-ever. Often fake reviews are left on google review, again this is fraud. Do your homework before you book a test and ensure the business you are dealing with is registered in Ireland and look for evidence they have been operating in Ireland for a long time. Don’t be fooled by websites with photographs of nice looking office buildings next to addresses they are unrelated to. Genuine businesses don’t try and fool/scam the public.
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