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This page is about who i am and not what you think i am.
This page is about who i am and not what you think i am.

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Naruto Uzumaki Introduced Me To The Seven Chakras via Workout Trends
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Well, the only thing that matters now and forever is that we do what matters now.
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Her smile is like the rainbow thing
So Cheerful it is up her face
And when it's gone it's gone to hide
In a secret hiding place ...
When laughters are all she's blessed with
What else best she could do ??...
He smiles to her n she's smiles back 
And so let one smile make two!!

( :) = :D + :D )
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The Untold Story - part 7

It’s been a strange feeling being in love. It’s like catching a butterfly which eludes you the moment you feel you’ve got her in your grasp. I have been lucky to be around a lot of One Sided Lovers. I used to wonder that these emotional maniacs (though my wonderful friends :P) script their dead end of the story themselves via stupid emotional mistakes. Knowing them and their stories was worth a great deal for me as I wanted to capitalize on their experiences. One should always learn to learn from the mistakes of others and also, you aren’t going to live long enough to commit all those mistakes yourself J J .. And more so because life is majorly a result of all the wrongs than the rights you’ve done in the past.

So backed by strong experience, I had wanted to go slow, be less emotional about it and think of it as a mere extracurricular exercise. The standard love chart was prepared after consulting Mr Picasso, who believes he’s an expert at girls, and “Believing” is very important in my books. If you believe you are, then you really become. That’s what I’ve always felt so consulting a strong believer was the right way to go. Now, the love chart is more like tree diagram with branches going in all directions. It takes in input which is processed by the complex understanding of the girl’s psyche and gives all the sets of possible outcomes. 

Now, the main catch is that it helps to find out the optimum path. :D
So the love chart included the standard response to a stimuli list wherein we wrote all the possible ways to approach her and generate the possible response list. The possible response list was best guessed by studying a girl’s facebook profile, specially seeing the pages she likes. I had another wonderful friend called Mr Wisdom who was an expert at speaking in length about a girl after seeing her facebook profile. And he, being my roommate in first year, was good a friend to trust upon this task of immense importance.

Mr Wisdom spoke - 

To be continued....

- Mr Rancorous
Posted 15th February 2012 by Mr Rancorous
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The Untold Story - part 6

Kung Fu Panda so beautifully put forward this thought – there’s no extra charge for double awesomeness.

Indeed. The awesomeness began as we had lot to cheer after few glasses of beer. The most sophisticated instrument on the planet to convert thoughts to speech is called “Kingfisher Strong”J. And therefore, Mr Picasso came into his own. He’s asks very troublesome questions indeed when he paints. Yet again, he shot a tough one at me.

“What is so special about her?”

“hmmm… o she’s.. she’s a lot like food to me. The real food gives you physical nutrition. Loving her gives me mental nutrition. The second one is very important for inner peace and inner happiness. Zarathustra quotes - What good is my happiness if it can’t justify my existence! What good is my virtue if it has not made me passionate! Similarly, what good is my love if I don’t feel inner happiness in loving her! You never lose in love, you always win. It is very important to be emotional in life in order to win. But the catch is, you got to be emotional about the right things. Yes, the right things…”

“You think too much dude. You know you are a species :P. There’s innate assholery in your awesomeness. But still, I seem to like it when I’m drunk. Hahaha J “

“So let’s raise this toast to her then. God Bless Ya Darling J”

In a strange mix of dizziness and laziness, Mr Picasso spoke - “Yeah. Yeah. Cheers to her!” 

To be continued..
- Mr Rancorous
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The Untold Story - part 5

It was a Friday evening. A partial cloud cover over the sky and gentle breeze buzzing across the campus had made the surroundings pleasant. The timing was so awesome to plunge in to the depths of my creative attic and it was time to go get those dancing shoes on and get that guitar tuned that I had been neglecting all these days.

Mr Picasso picked up his canvases to his chest almost like he was hugging them. It was time for some fun. While I sing, he will paint or rather bleed his emotions on that white canvas that would soon lose its white, that would soon be all red. Yes, all red because I know he craves for her every single moment. So he will paint her and find her right in front of his eyes. He’s blessed I think. Yes, he is. Because he will then stare right into her eyes for as long as the night would approach.

While poets like me aren’t that blessed because I can only scribble words on a piece of paper that the breeze would take it away from me. A poet can only cry. He needs the warmth of a heart to succumb into. He tries to find the same in his memories but none he finds. So he just dreams. Because in his dreams, she loves him. She comforts him and she stands by him. He never has to change himself for her. It is only in his dreams that this is possible.

Finally, Mr Rancorous and Mr Picasso were all set and it was my favorite piece (courtesy poets of the fall) “The Carnival of Rust” gave the evening the start that we had wanted, the start we so very much needed. Yes, we are two very insecure guys. Two one sided lovers and all we enjoy together is sharing the little imperfections that we so much love about our loves.

To be continued....
- Mr Rancorous

Posted 15th February 2012 by Mr Rancorous
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The Untold Story - part 4

As the perceived perversity of the universe suggests that the probability of anything happening is in inverse ratio to its desirability. The second encounter had been on my mind for quite some time now. I had never desired a third encounter. Yes, never. Because I knew that it would weaken me by strengthening the love I feel for her. Her presence was too much for Mr Rancorous. It was almost the time to go. Three years had passed in a flourish, there were things to be done, his professional goals were waiting to be achieved and he had not planned for love. Contrary to his desires, it happened. Yes, he saw her again.

My facebook statuses had already alarmed Mr Picasso to talk to me about it. He was perturbed about the fact that he could see the signs – the signs of a guy falling in love. He knew that in this unenlightened world moving towards modernization and social networking, rapidly changing definitions of relationships, of morals and of ‘love’, it is easy for a youth to lose himself.

Mr Picasso is a strange character indeed.
Himself an ardent one sided lover of a girl who inspires him to paint his soul on those white canvases which once claimed only dust but he talks about love as mere infatuation, a momentary attraction that dissolves with the arrival of a new girl, a new face and new mystery to be solved. Mr Rancorous never approved of his thoughts nor derided them ever. Because he knew that only a dude bugged with love can so insanely deride love for he seeks to find the reasons to justify to his mind what his heart fails to understand. Mr Picasso advised me to get over it and get some life back.

Since I have always been someone who followed the rules vehemently, his inner voice finally spoke to me – “it’s high time dude that you should better learn to be improper. Get some life. See chicks. Learn to Enjoy. To party at bidhipur. Get some guitar crooning.”

So how could I argue against such a convincing argument? After all, if you obey all the rules – you’ll be missing all the fun!! And thus, the message was clear – I thought I would not do the thinking this time (basically, thinking of not to do any thinking :P ) and let my heart to rule for some time.

To be continued..
- Mr Rancorous
Posted 15th February 2012 by Mr Rancorous
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The Untold Story - part 3

So I came out of the mob surrounding the confectionery store almost clad in her silhouette and still, captured in the aura of that smile. Although there are many kinds of smile, the one she wore was a ‘naughty smile’ as if she had just earned a free chocolate from her friends.  I was also smiling but I wore a “Love Smile”, the one that exudes the energy of pure love and bliss. It is not a romantic smile but the kind you have when you hold a very cute little baby in your hands.

But while I walked towards my friends, I changed it into an “Achiever’s Smile”. As they say – “When the smarter of the smartest boasts an achiever’s smile, there are very few who would believe that he didn’t make it.” Now, doing this, I incepted a fair idea in my friends’ minds that I have somehow managed to know her name, the orange bag girl’s name. The best face reader on the planet and especially, the best when the face he’s reading is mine, Mr Picasso, had figured out already that I didn’t make it.

“What’s her name?” - asked the group in a union.

I replied confidently. “What could you better expect mates! It’s time for a treat. J ”

In the excitement of the treat, all my friends (except Mr Picasso) forgot about the question. A cold coffee for everyone was enough to start over a new conversation and discussion went over to our lives, our placements and future prospects of the graduating engineers. It was around 7 in the evening when friends dispersed and we moved to our hostels.

Mr Picasso brought up the question at dinner.

“Why give a treat when you haven’t even figured out her name?” questioned Mr Picasso.

And as always, I took a dig at him. “Does that really matter? Shakespeare once said – what’s in a name”  :)

“So why do you quote Shakespeare by taking his name? You could have just said – what’s in a name. No need to explicitly mention the great man’s name”

When I have nothing to counter, I prefer to smile and that’s what I did. . The dinner was followed by a walk in the park in front of the hostel and later at 10, we were back into our beds with memories of a decent day. Hitherto, it was pleasant but somehow I was feeling that something extremely crazier was in store from me in the coming days. I wanted to unleash but I guess - I was waiting for something!!

To be continued...
- Mr Rancorous
Posted 15th February 2012 by Mr Rancorous
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The Untold Story - part 2

          I had forgotten about her by now and was back to a usual life. My good old darling class and the simply superb faculty were awaiting my attendance for a long time. I had been rather busy with all the multi tasking I had been doing for the past few weeks. The days that ensued had engulfed me so much that I literally forgot about the Orange Bag Girl, the girl who had brought the time to a standstill. Her thoughts eluded me before I saw her again.

Yes, again. This time the gift was wrapped in pink in sweet and suave attire. She was awaiting her turn in a mob queued outside the exclusive confectionery shop of NIT Jalandhar. My friends were quick enough to point out the Orange Bag Girl to me. And I have had a reputation for getting along well with almost the strangest of strangers and so it was rather customary for them to urge Mr Rancorous to show them how good he was. Infact, they challenged me to enquire her name (without offending her that was quite obvious even if not explicitly stated). Mr Rancorous was calm, turned around and moved to where she was standing. 
    The problem is that he knows he’s smart so while he walked up to her, he noticed two of her female friends standing alongside her and talking to her. Mr Rancorous felt that by just standing next to her, he will find out her name because he expected her friends to call her by name at least once during the conversation. If watching her once had stopped time for Mr Rancorous then you can expect what would have been the case when he stood next to her.

He got lost again. He stood there admiring her, smelling the scent of her cutely tied hair which would look super awesome if left free. She didn’t notice him neither her friends as they purchased whatever they required and started to move away. She was smiling in her perfect élan and that’s all that mattered to him for the moment. The killer smile is what he called it and still, calls it today.

To be continued...

- Mr Rancorous
Posted 15th February 2012 on
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I read in an email once -“Sometimes I feel God wanted us to meet the wrong people before we meet the right one. May be because he thought that when we’ll finally meet the right ones, we would know how to be grateful to that gift.” 

So without much suspense, I concede to the fact that I also met my gift. 

As I start the story, I would want to confess that most part of what I will be telling you would merely sound stupidity and some of the trifles would add the distinction of silliness but that does not mean that I won’t be telling you serious, emotional and at times, boring stuff but whatever I will tell would be straight from my heart. If you can’t devote your time for some emotional though boring stuff, then you don’t deserve the entertaining part of it also. For those who don’t read love stories, I have four words for them – “Do Not Read More” 

Yes, I met my Gift. A gift wrapped in purple with a strikingly bright orange side bag hanging by her shoulder. It was a sultry evening in the small but decently beautiful campus of NIT Jalandhar.

NIT Jalandhar was certainly not famous for gorgeous damsels or for dazzling dudettes. I had learned over the years studying science that whatever that can’t be explained by generalization rule is put in the exception category so I was quick to realize that she was also an exception. 

I was standing alongside Mr Picasso, my best friend in college, whose parents had so aptly named him as “Vishal”. True to his name, he was truly ‘great’ in his humbleness, in his subtleness and in his soberness. I will come back to tell you more about him a little later because my gift’s waiting for her deserved attention. 

Dumbstruck I stood for a few seconds. Almost paralyzed by the fever of her disarming grace and alarming charm. She was an enchantress. a Cinderella of the fairy tales right in front of my eyes. Throwing her aura down upon me, she alienated me from the world as i stood still. The numbness of those lips, the tranquil smile and the hump of the chin... the kind of girl i thought only existed in my chimera but today, she was right in front of my eyes.

Mr Picasso noticed the enchanted Mr Rancorous (Me) and snapped 
me for getting my attention and said, “Dude, what was that about?”. 

I knew that he had caught me checking out a girl but still, I pretended that I didn’t understand what he was asking. He claims that he knows more about me than I know about myself. So I gave in to his request. I paused for a moment to make sure that my eyes leave her when she was completely out of sight, then leaned forward and in a conspiratorial stage whisper, said, “Who was that girl mate, the one carrying the orange bag?” Mr Picasso smiled a little and whispered back – “New face in campus. May be first year”

She possessed an unparalleled charm. Her thought didn’t leave me as we reached our hostel room and I was still captured in that moment, the moment when she appeared from heaven before my eyes.

If you’ve felt like this before, then you would understand this that there are moments in life which just divide your life into two halves – the one before that happened and the one that follows after that moment…it is, therefore, sufficient to say that it was such a moment. With these thoughts ruffling into my mind, the night was not conspicuous at all. Even before the sun came out of its bed, I was brushing my teeth standing before the mirror on the second floor of my hostel.

To be continued .... 
- Mr Rancorous

Posted 14th February 2012 on
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