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Robert Mathies

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how do I stop windows 10 from changing resolution . I am losing my eyesight and things on the screen are too large and the print is too small . I've tried everything . it tells me to use the magnifier to look at print on the screen. Once I get it set it changes back
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What changes back +Robert Mathies​? BTW, I would have stuck with Windows 8. 
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Robert Mathies

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last thursday I was seen by a lady from REACH relocation experts(sic) . she gave a list of apartments over $800.00 per moth plus utilities from dallas guide . She is supposed to be from MOLINA a govt agency . she was rude and insulting . when I asked for help filling out forms she said she did not have time to put up with me . She was black and I am white . she remarked about me being white - old and poor and disabled . she denied me housing and discriminated against me . Her name is Mavis Ravin . her phone # is- 214-630-4796 . their web address is
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Robert Mathies

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help your grandparents
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Robert Mathies

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I still love this
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I'll have Spam!
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Robert Mathies

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thats how they do it
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Oh come on. Even I was not a fan of Kerry. The guy was to flimsy. Not that I was a bush fan either. 
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Robert Mathies

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with the music by pink floyd  -ENJOY !
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Robert Mathies

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i never get tired of these three
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Robert Mathies

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+Robert Mathies Absolutely, please take care as best you can.
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keyboard player
A fair arranger and audio tech . Percussionist and keyboard player
  • disability
    urban camper, present
  • Whats a Matta U
    Free lance Bullshitta, 3 - present
  • SSDD
    reject from the 1%, present
    Same shit - different day - Learn and discern from media and other sources as what's bullshit and what it is . Filter out peoples Bias and ignore their stupidity with out pointing it out to them . Read Read Read and listen to alot of music from different cultures and times and genres . Love those I do not know yet and give everyone a chance to know me for way I see everything I live thru .
  • Urban Camper Texas
    Pro confuser, present
    explore each day on internet and upon the earth among it's people and lands and vegetation . I no longer work due to medical issues . I listen to the earth's rhythms and sonic soundscapes and try to recreate that thru my feeings when I write and arrange . I enjoy talking an exchanging views about what's going on .
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Addisson , Texas .
a decent percussionist -arranger
I am swm keyboard player. My music ranges from classic rock and Blues to jazz and ambient soundscapes. Google robert mathies and it shows me listed as jazz artist robert mathies.
Bragging rights
I never was a rocker or played smooth jazz.
  • School of Hard Knocks
    jazz purist, present
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