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Подсчёт потерь органического траффика при ребрендинге
Есть ли идеи, как подсчитать, сколько траффика будет утеряно, пока поисковая видимость не восстановится (скажем до уровня 80-90% от изначального)?
Ребрендинг включает в себя смену домена и названия бренда. Название бренда не generic, ни сейчас, ни после ребрендинга.

Comments in JSON-LD?
Though JSON-LD is a subset of Javascript, comments like //foo aren't valid. Google's structured data testing tool doesn't fire any error for comments, JSON-LD playground does - unexpected token . The question: is Google confused on understanding JSON-LD data through comments or not?

No property bridge from WebSite to BreadcrumbList?
I'm trying to nest with #JSON-LD inside of the type WebSite two subordinate types: Organization , using property bridge publisher , and BreadcrumbList , for what i can't find any bridging property from the type WebSite :( Should i use WebPage instead of WebSite ? For WebPage there is a property breadcrumb implicating the type BreadcrumbList . Or is there any array magic ? ( +Jarno van Driel it seems to be your special area ) 

Some JobPostings from the same Organization
I'm trying to produce an example snippet for some jobPostings from the same Organization without redundant Organization data. The binding property is hiringOrganization.

In the following snippet i've got it already done, but can't get all organization data shown - there are only @type and @id. Could somebody point me to the correct direction?

My finally goal is, that Testing Tool shows all Organization data i've put into code, not only @type and @id

<script type="application/ld+json">
"@context": "",
"@type": "JobPosting",
"name": "1" ,
"hiringOrganization": {"@id": "#boss"}
"@context": "",
"@type": "JobPosting",
"name": "2",
"hiringOrganization": {"@id": "#boss"}

{ "@context" : "",
"@type" : "Organization",
"name" : "chef",
"@id": "#boss",
"contactPoint" :
{ "@type" : "ContactPoint",
"telephone" : "+1-877-746-0909",
"contactType" : "customer service",
"contactOption" : "TollFree",
"areaServed" : "US"

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haha damn true:) Employees don't quit jobs. They quit managers

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How Google transforms search queries and what it means for #SEO
How Google transforms search queries and what it means for #SEO
By +Aleh Barysevich

In Franz Kafka's novella "The Metamorphosis", a man wakes up one morning to find out he has turned into a giant insect. If keywords were existentialists, they could be experiencing something similar as, having been typed into Google's search bar, they go through numerous transformations to become new, modified versions of themselves — the queries that Google thinks are a better representation of the searcher's intent.

*Offer with negotiable / not exactly defined price*
It isn't a kind of rare case, when prices aren't exactly defined. It could be an enterprise offer with custom price, it could be a privat ad in a board like Craigslist.
What are the possibilities to use an Offer markup since price with a number value is a required property? 

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