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Andy Kimmell
Freelance Custom Multimedia Consultant
Freelance Custom Multimedia Consultant


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I work for the best company in the world!  And here's why.
Photographers. Customers. Support Heroes.

Did you know that we have 34 Support Heroes around the world? They work 365 days a year, try their best to answer every email and chat within the hour (if not faster), and are the backbone of everything we do at SmugMug.

The first place we look when we need to hire a new hero is our very own community of customers. They are photographers first and really understand what customers are looking for when they reach out for help. Heroes - we couldn't do this without ya.

Check out or hero portrait gallery:
Give em a shout if you need a hand:

Video shot by: +Anton Lorimer 
Heroes featured: +Schmoo Theune +Nick Wrzesinski Ana Pogacar
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