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AJ Lim
You will travel in a land of marvels. ~Jules Verne
You will travel in a land of marvels. ~Jules Verne

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"Redwoods Rhododendron"
By +Steve Schwindt A lone rhododendron stands out on a backdrop of fog and redwoods with its blooms on full display. This Memorial Day weekend I took advantage of a couple days off to head south to the southern Oregon coast and redwoods in northern California, meeting up with Ian Gaston and Ross Schram von Haupt. Although the weather was quite disappointing for anything sunset, sunrise or star related, we were treated with a couple foggy mornings which made the redwoods and rhododendron blooms incredible. It was amazing to see how much this area and its overall feel changed once the fog rolled in - a scene that felt quite surreal as if I was transported to another world. Ian and I have a natural tendency to scout every square inch of an area just to make sure we haven’t missed anything, but not having found much else, I kept finding myself coming back to this spot that Mark Adamus shot and made famous. Leave it to Mark to find the best spot as usual! I spent a lot of time in my car and although I wish the weekend had gone slightly differently, I feel grateful for having an opportunity to make my first trip back to the redwoods since I was kid.
----------------------------------------- UPCOMING WORKSHOPS June 23: Mount St. Helens Aug 18/19 or 19/20: Mt. Rainier----------------------------------------- Shot Info:- Canon 5D IV, Canon 70-200mm 2.8, Induro Stealth CLT203 tripod
- ISO100, 88mm, F16, 1.6s- Shot in RAW, processed in Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop - Steve Schwindt

#photography #landscape #california #redwoods

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"Heavenly Morning"
By +Danilo Faria Well, after getting completely drenched in spray while photographing Falls Creek Falls from below, we were gifted with outstanding light mid-morning. Don’t let the calm and beautiful atmosphere fool you, the spray/mist generated by this monster waterfall (3 tier waterfall with a total height of 335 ft/102 meters) was out of this world, countless tissues and glass cleaner’ cloths were used to get this image. And before you ask, yes, the sunstar is real (straight out of the new Canon 16-35mm III). Although I rented the lens, it is absolutely worth all the money. Thank you all for your visits and feedback!
And thanks to Greg Stokesbury for his advice and guiding me up there! - Danilo Faria

#photography #landscape #washington #waterfall

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"Forged in Fire"
By +J.Snow Photography My love affair with the southwest is becoming all consuming, the shapes, the textures, the light. - Joshua Snow

#photography #landscape #arizona #canyon

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"Gun Shop Owner"
By Julien Buchowski Go and meet people, even if you don't share their opinions, you will always learn something. - Julien Buchowski

#photography #man #texas #guns
Enjoy and share.

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"Under the Ferns"
By Marc Adamus I would probably view this on black and larger, even despite the compression. This is just a snap I made once in the Quinault forest in Washington. I had only seconds to compose, doing my favorite thing, racing around with my camera and interpreting compositional options quickly. I soon came up with this perspective on things, putting the viewer in the forest. I controlled the image pretty much in one shot, although other exposures were mixed in for cleanliness of the shadows.
Possibly the hardest places on Earth to compose images, I am always happy to share an image made in the forest and only the forest. They are so rare.
For Milos Lach. D810, ISO 100, f/18, 1/15 second. - Marc Adamus

#photography #landscape #washington #rainforest

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"Long Life Clouds"
By Timothy Poulton Testing out the new FujiFilm GFX50s and it's long exposure capabilities has opened up a whole new world of possibilities, without the restrictions of remotes, cables, and the inane bulb mode. For the life of me, I could never understand why camera manufacturers insisted on bulb mode, just let us decide what exposure we need; I think we can handle the responsibility.
Being able to select whatever exposure I require is such a liberating experience. I have also found that the metering works way into the exposure range using six stop and ten stop ND's without the need for any calculations with perfect exposures every time.
Tried loads of longer exposures 5 minutes, 10 minutes and even left the camera going for 30 minutes by mistake and found the noise minimal with and without in-camera noise reduction.
Image capture at North Ramshead Ranges in the Snowy Mountains of Australia. - Timothy Poulton

#photography #landscape #australia #longexposure

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"Valley View Sunset and Mist"
By +Sean McLean I sat waiting for the setting sun to illuminate El Capitan while the mist rose over the valley floor. Let me tell you, that mist gets cold. - Sean McLean

#photography #landscape #yosemite #sunset

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"Milky way in Thailand"
By +Keanu Anuchit ช้างเผือก ณ ภูทับเบิก เก็บสองใบ
ฉากหน้าเส้นถนน ช่วงเย็น บนจุดชมวิว 50mm F6.3 118วิ iso400
ช้างเผือก เก็บตอน 23.30 น. 24mm F3.2 30วิ iso1600
ขยับย้ายช้างนิดนึง จากตะวันออกเฉียงใต้ มาเกือบถึงทิศใต้ (แอบโกง) ด่าได้ตามอัธยาศัย - Anuchit นายบันทึก

#photography #landscape #thailand #milkyway

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"Wynn’s View"
By +Patrick Marson Ong One of the classic views in the Many Glacier area, Glacier National Park, Montana. That mountain you see in the middle is called Wynn Mountain and the water beneath it comes all the way from Lake Sherburne flowing towards Swiftcurrent creek.
I have to thank bruddah Ryan Buchanan for showing me how to get to this spot. He drew me a map with "double-S" tracks, where to park and start info with inserts “Steep as sh*t!!”, “Right here - Bring bear spray!!” quotes. Now, for a first-timer in a bear country, that second quote gave me the chills. Came the day going to the spot for sunrise, I was with three of my buddies debating in the dark with our headlamps and a print out of the map. The first 5 minutes on the trail was ok then it went steeper as we go up. We were literally crawling on the ground as we went further and the wind was not helping at all. Then you get questions, “Is this correct? Where are we going? This is wrong! If we slip we will die! There must be a mistake on the map”. LOL. THEN, as the place began to light up, we knew we were in the right spot. Ha, If there were bears during that time, they would be laughing at us. Trying to come up with a nice lead in frame using the fallen branches that surround the area, it was such a breath-taking view up there. The whole experience was totally worth it. Where you headed this summer?
Taken with NiSi V5 CPL. NiSi .9 GND Soft Edge. - Patrick Marson Ong

#photography #landscape #glaciernp #trees

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By +Charlotte Gibb I am acquainted with only three people in the entire Southern Utah region. I was photographing a tree in this remote slot canyon when one of these three people — fellow landscape photographer Guy Tal — walked up behind me and said “Hello, Charlotte!” What a world! - Charlotte Gibb

#photography #landscape #utah #slotcanyon
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