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Srinivas Rao
Works at The Unmistakable Creative Podcast
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Srinivas Rao

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I'm sure my opinions on #events  and #conferences  are going to probably make some people mad.  But I've yet to see a conference scale and not lose its essence.
Over the last 5 years I’ve attended and been a speaker at about a dozen conferences. They have ranged in size from 40 at…
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That is very true and I have found that the same thing happens to some online communities when they scale up. 
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Srinivas Rao

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This morning we unveiled instigator #6. We're almost through the entire lineup and applications open Monday. Our 6th instigator is +Brigitte Lyons 
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Srinivas Rao

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Today I want to share an instigator with you who is working on something that has been near and dear to my heart through the entire journey of  Unmistakable Creative.   When I graduated from business school, I realized that I had been prepared for a future that didn’t exist. But what scared me even more was the hundreds of thousand of students coming right behind me that were also being prepared for a future that didn’t exist. I’ve always felt some sort of obligation to change this and help people avoid my mistakes. 

It’s why I’ve always wanted at least a few educators in the room at the Instigator Experience. They can prepare us for a future that does exist. People like my friends John Nitolo and Kathleen Jasper are challenging the status quo and doing exactly that. 

+Victor Saad  is brilliantly translating information into an educational experience that could fundamentally redefine how we learn and he’s our 4th instigator for 2015. 

Get on our prelaunch list at 

Applications Open Monday!!!

#conferences #events #instigator #eventprofs
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Srinivas Rao

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Today we unveiled a second instigator +Janelle Hanchett  as our storytelling genius.  Applications open December 15th 

#instigator   #conferences   #events   #ie2015  
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How are you doing?

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Srinivas Rao

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In may of 2013, I attended a conference in Fargo North Dakota that was put on by my friend AJ Leon.
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Srinivas Rao

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In this episode Joey Coleman discusses how we consciously design our lives and careers and while creating remarkable experiences for other people.
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Srinivas Rao

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And we're less than a day way from the entire lineup for Instigator 2015 being revealed. Today my friend +Clay Hebert  joins us for his very first appearance on our show to talk about being Seth Godin's first alternative MBA student, #crowdfunding and much more. 

Visit and scroll down to the instigators panel to listen to the interview. 
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Srinivas Rao

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Our 5th Instigator for 2015 is +Linda Siversten  who's going to be talking about how to create your own little corner of the world. 
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Srinivas Rao

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In any community, there are people who show up day after day, month after month, year after year. They tell the world about your art, your work, your project. Those communities are led by people who truly “get it.” It wouldn’t be the same without them. They look for people who ignite their souls and they return the favor.

+Jadah Sellner  is one of them and today I’m thrilled to share her with you as our 3rd Instigator for 2015.
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Srinivas Rao

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Yesterday we start unveiling our speakers for this year's instigator experience. Our first instigator experience speaker for 2015 is +Charlie Hoehn

To get on our prelaunch list

* 1) Visit

2) Text the word "instigate" all lowercase to the #38470 *
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Srinivas Rao

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12 Days from opening the doors to the next Instigator Experience 

#conferences   #events   #creative  
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Your podcast with Mark Goultson ranks as the best one of yours I've listened to. Wow!!

Keep up the great work and thank you for what you do. Congrats on launching the instigator experience as well. 
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Srinivas Rao

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Can you guess who this instigator is? Each day before we reveal their identities we’ll be sharing clues.  

There are two ways to get on the prelaunch list: 

1) Visit 

2) Text the word “instigate” all lowercase to the #38470

#events #ie2015 #conferences
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