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Srinivas Rao
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Srinivas Rao

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In today's episode of the show I catch up with +Brett McKay  and we talk about redefining what it means to be a man.
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Srinivas Rao

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This morning on the show +Chris Ducker  returns to talk to me about the DNA of entrepreneurs and his new book Virtual Freedom
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Thanks again for the support, +Srinivas Rao - I value our friendship, my man.
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Srinivas Rao

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Pretty cool when your community creates their own art work promoting the #podcast
You know you're addicted to The Unmistakable Creative Podcast by Srinivas Rao when...
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nailed it
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The Willingness to Try What Hasn't Been Proven to Work

Breakthrough ideas are rarely a result of blueprints and best practices. It's as true in business as it is in art. 

The musician who mimics gets lost in the echo chamber. 

The writer who emulates fails to innovate

The artist who always traces, loses his or her signature. 

The entrepreneur who is building the "next Facebook" is doomed. 

But the things that we're inspired by, moved by and have significant impacts are often the result of somebody with the willingness to try what hasn't been proven to work. 

When I look for stories to tell on the UC , I go out of my way to try things that haven't been proven to work.  Nobody would classify the story of "a man who walks his dog across America" as useful. But it's gambles like this that I'm always looking for. Soon we'll air the story of a bank robber.  I'm always looking on the edges of where I'm at. Things that haven't been proven to work lie on the edges. 

This approach to your work comes with no guarantees. IT could blow up in your face. But it has  a significantly higher upside than best practices and blueprints. 

So, now the only question is you are you willing? 
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Srinivas Rao

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Link dump. :/
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Have him in circles
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Srinivas Rao

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In our latest episode of the podcast I catch up with  Ali Shanti to discuss making a radical identity shift.
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Ooh - this sounds like an interesting one. Can't wait to hear it!
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Srinivas Rao

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This morning on the podcast I have a somewhat unusual guest. I talk to a guy who wrote a comedic translation of The Bible.
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Another good podcast, Sri. Namaste
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Srinivas Rao

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Today on the show, I speak with  Adam Shepard, who shares his incredible story of starting in a homeless shelter with 25 dollars and turning into 2500.  Is the American Dream alive and well?
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Srinivas Rao

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Yesterday I caught up with Mason Currey who talked to me all about artists' daily rituals. Hope you enjoy it.
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Have him in circles
4,713 people
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