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We are in a never-ending 2-1 nap transition nightmare with my 15 1/2 month old. Basically she is fighting her morning nap like a crazy child, but when I put her down for just one nap later in the day, she will only sleep the length of one of her old naps. So instead of taking a total of 2 1/2-3 hours of naps, she's only sleeping 1 hr 15 min on a good day. Some days she's only doing 45-60 minutes and she's a terror the rest of the day because she's so exhausted. I put her to bed at 6:15 tonight because she was just unbearably tired.

And the last few days she's been up at like 5 after not enough nighttime sleep. I feel like we're getting into a cycle of over-tiredness that's messing with  all of her sleep.

Any seasoned mamas remember how long it took their baby to make this transition? Did they eventually taking a longer nap? My first baby made this transition so smoothly I don't even remember it! I can't get her to take two naps anymore, so there's no going back now.

Also, any examples of baby's sleep schedules around this age would be amazing. I'm trying to figure out how we need to shift things around.

Thanks in advance for imparting your wisdom to a very tired mom!

I feel like I'm always here asking a variation of the same questions. But it's been a while so I need some imparting of the vast mommy wisdom in this group!
My little girl is over 13 months old now, and she was still waking up at least once a night, usually between 4-5 am to nurse. Previously, she would go right back to sleep until 7/7:30. It was totally manageable when this was happening. But the last month she's been waking at least twice and now she's only sleeping until 6, and she's grumpy and tired all day.
I've tried every variation of night weaning possible, and she just screams for half an hour, falls asleep for 20 minutes, and does it again until I give up and nurse her. When I send my husband in, he can usually calm her down and get her to go back to sleep eventually, but it's never for more than an hour or so and she's up crying again.
The other killer, she has been sick the last couple days and is teething her canine teeth and she's been up every two hours the last several nights. I'd like to wean her soon but feel too scared to give up nursing for fear that I will have no means of getting her back to sleep when she wakes during the night.
She has NO negative sleep associations at all. She's gone to sleep on her own since 6 months old. We have a solid routine, and she goes down without any crying. But she just will not sleep through the night. She's also a pretty intense screamer and very stubborn, so doing full blown CIO is always a nightmare with her, and it just WON'T WORK!!!

Does anyone else have a babe like this? A little more intense and not as responsive to the CIO? Anything I'm missing that we should be doing?  I want to cry the ugly cry every time some mom tells me that her much younger baby is sleeping like a saint. I thought we had done everything right and should be reaping some benefits by now.

No matter what we do I cannot seem to get my 10 month old to sleep through the night.
She has no sleep assocations, goes to sleep wide awake, we have a solid bedtime routine, last nursing is 45-60 minutes before bed, she is on plenty of solids, we use white noise and a lovey and she takes great naps on a pretty predictable schedule.
I feel like we are doing everything possible, so why isn't she sleeping all night??
She wakes up at least once every night. The timing is sporadic too, sometimes 1:30, sometimes 5:00.
When she wakes she ONLY wants to nurse and gets aggravated and upset very quickly if we try anything else. My husband puts her to bed frequently, but she does not respond to him during the night, just gets angry because she wants to nurse. I usually give in quickly and nurse her because I'm exhausted, but I put her back down awake after that. 
I've tried night weaning, but her wake ups are so unpredictable it doesn't go well.
She is not sick, and she is done teething for now, she has 8 teeth already and cut 3 over the last month.
All that background to it time for extinction CIO in the night? What are my other options, if any?
I feel like my whole life is focused on helping her sleep and it's not doing anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

I have an older child sleep question...My 2 1/2 year has recently started waking up during the night, almost every night for the past month or so. He's been STTN since about 14 months old, and rarely wakes up unless he's sick. 
I'm not sure if he's having nightmares, but he wakes up in kind of a burst of crying. When me or my husband goes to him he then asks for a laundry list of fix his blanket, find his puppy, a drink of water, to sing a song, etc. etc. If we leave him to cry it escalates quickly and I feel cruel ignoring him if his initial wake up is because of a nightmare. 
We've talked to him about it during the day and discussed all the usual "nighttime is for sleep" things. He doesn't try to get up, so he's not confused about wake time. He sleeps 8 pm-8 am unless he wakes up during the night and then he'll sleep in until 8:30/9. He still naps from 1:30-3:30 almost every afternoon. We've also tried cutting back nap length, moving bedtime, changing the routine. Nothing seems to make a difference.
He is overall a GREAT sleeper. I'm just not sure how to break this night waking habit? I have a hard time believing he's having a nightmare EVERY night. But if he is, how have you other moms handled that with your toddler? 
Oh he's still in a crib. I'm terrified to put him in a toddler bed but I'm wondering if a change in sleeping location will help?
Any thoughts?
Thank you!!

What were/are the length of your baby's wake times at 9 months?
We were doing 2/3/4 but she seems to be fighting her morning nap and I'm wondering if she's not tired enough after 2 hours. She takes 2 naps, bedtime is at 7:30 every night, and she usually wakes up around 7:30 am. With 1-2 night wakings still. (boo!)
Thanks in advance!!

My 8 month old daughter goes to sleep totally on her own, 30 minutes after nursing last and wide awake when put in the crib with the lights on. She goes to sleep within a couple of minutes of fussing, if any crying at all. Bedtime is almost always 7:30 PM with a solid routine.

But for some reason, she wakes up 2-2 1/2 hours after going to bed. Every night. Sometimes she goes back to sleep after about 10 minutes, but the last week or so, she screams and screams and cannot settle down again. She's not sick or teething that I can tell right now.
And she's still waking at least twice a night after that, usually at 2 am and 5 am. 
I'm just having a hard time figuring out a plan. When she wakes up that soon after bed I feel awful making her cry and cry again, and I'm just confused as to why she isn't staying asleep. And I'm not sure we're ready to tackle night weaning when she's still having trouble doing ANY long stretch.
Any insight as to why we're not getting at least that first long stretch? If she wakes any time before that normal 2 am waking, do I just let her cry no matter what?

Any help would be so appreciated! I'm feeling a little discouraged that sleep training with her didn't yield better results and hoping we are missing something simple that we can fix!

Thank you everyone for your help!!! You are all so wonderful...So not to be annoying but I have a follow up question.

Regarding dropping from 3 naps to 2, how did you move bedtime? Baby girl is so used to going to bed around 8:30 that regardless of how long she's been awake, she has a hard time going to bed earlier. But when 3rd nap is gone she will be awake way too long for that to be bedtime.

So did you cold turkey move bedtime earlier when the 3rd nap was gone?
Did you move it back gradually?

Thanks again!

If anyone has some time I would love it if you could share your 6-8 month old's nap/wake time/bedtime schedule.
We're having a really hard time getting my 7 month old to sleep longer than 3 hours at night, even for the first stretch. She goes to bed wide awake and we've moved nursing 20-30 minutes before bedtime. She naps great, and we never keep her awake longer than 3 hours, so I'm not sure what the mess is with nighttime sleep!
Hoping to get some insight by comparing sleep schedules. Here's generally what we've been doing for a couple months:
Wake 7:30/8 (I know this is later, but it's because she's up so much at night!)
1st nap 9:30/10  (1 h 15m-1h 30m)
2nd nap 1/1:30 (same amount of time)
3rd nap 4:30/5 (30-45 min)
Bed 8/8:30

She generally doesn't cry at all at bedtime, and if she does it's never more than about five minutes. 

Any insights into why she refuses to sleep longer stretches?? I hoped for better sleep after she learned to fall asleep on her own.

Thank you in advance for your wonderful advice!

We did a crib transition with my 4.5 month old about 4 weeks ago. (She has been sleeping in her rock n play sleeper). At the same time I had to stop deluding myself and just admit that I was pretty much nursing her to sleep and she was NOT going to sleep on her own. After talking with Alexis about it on the Google hangout, I decided to just put her down in the crib wide awake and see what happened.
The first night was awesome, she fussed for a few minutes and went to sleep. Her night wakings were normal (woke twice) and it seemed so positive.
But then it just got worse over the following weeks. She was crying a lot longer and more adamantly at bedtime and waking more at night. And then we went on two trips within a few weeks (we are never traveling again!!)
As survival while we were gone I nursed her to sleep and let her sleep in her rock n play sleeper again. It's not like that helped much, she wakes about an hour and a half to two hours after I put her to bed, and then every two hours for the rest of the night. She also started doing this thing where she's wide awake from 3-4:30 AM. Then we all got really sick from traveling of course, and things have just been horrendous.
On top of that she started being able to roll herself over in the rock n play sleeper. So I put her in the crib for safety, and she rolled over in the swaddle there too.

So now I need to get her to sleep in the crib, without nursing, without swaddling. She is 5.5 months now, and definitely has object permanence. 

When I put her in the crib she just rolls around and screams and screams. Last night I finally just nursed her to sleep again and put her in the rock n play. (she only rolls in it if I put her down awake and she's crying). 

I've been putting her in the swing for naps in hopes of helping her learn to fall asleep on her own, and she naps awesome like that. (she has ironically always been a great napper). But when I did that for bed she was awake an hour and a half later and refused to be put back in the swing.

Sorry this is so long!! Just looking for any advice.

Should we keep trying the swing until she's done with the nurse=sleep association? Is she way too old for that? Any tips on helping her like the crib without the swaddle?
I'm not a huge fan of CIO, especially because I feel like I could have done more to teach her to sleep better. But we're feeling pretty run down going without sleep for months now. Is that our only way of getting her into the crib at this point? I feel like she has to sleep in the crib or buckled into the swing because those are the only places she's really safe now that she's moving so much.
She used to sleep 12 hours a night when she was 3 months old. What happened?! =)

Thank you for your help!

I just need to say THANK YOU  +Alexis Dubief and all of you here for giving me the courage to just put our almost 5 month old in her crib!!
She's been in her Rock N Play Sleeper from day one, and I've pretty much been nursing her to sleep.
Last night we put her down in her crib wide awake. She sqwauked for about two minutes, then sucked her lip and kicked her legs, and then went to sleep. She was up a couple of times during the night, once to eat, once I think because her legs startled her. But she even slept past 8!  
Then this morning she went down for her nap without a peep and slept for an hour and a half.
It's like a miracle. I've been so worried about this transition, but the swaddle, white noise, and super dark room are enough for her to sleep great in there. 
I hope our experience can help anyone else who is hesitant about making the crib transition. And here's hoping this continues!
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