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Tammie Carlisle
Internet Marketing and Social Media enthusiast at Milestone Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing and Social Media enthusiast at Milestone Internet Marketing

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With algorithm updates, personalization of search, hyperlocal search, schema markups and so much more, there have been plenty of #SEO updates in this past year. Check out some of our #seotips for hotels as they develop their 2013 internet marketing plans. Where will you be focusing your online strategy in 2013?

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Going Deeper Into This Morning's Ripples Announcement

Today’s announcement of enhancements to Google+ Ripples, including support for 60+ languages and the ability to see how links are shared through the entire network is not just fun to see, but incredibly useful. You can now see how those viral YouTube videos have been shared from all different corners. You can see how people are talking about top news stories and your favorite websites. And you now have the complete picture - not just a single peek into the vibrant activity that is happening on Google+ around the world.

I've attached a "before and after" version of the BBC's news covering the death of North Korean Leader Kim Jong-il to show how much more full the picture is with the new "search by URL" feature. Also included is one of the most popular groups on all of Google+: AKB48, the Japanese pop sensation. You've got to see some of these graphs from the new ripples.

To make your own, head to and plug in your URL at the top right.

World Events

BBC: North Korean Leader Kim Jong-il Dies

TMZ: Whitney Houston - Dead at 48

Viral Videos - Our Blades are F***ing Great

Introducing Google Play

Top Websites

Cultural Sensations

AKB48 Hangout Video
10 Photos - View album

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Great article - especially the local search section. Lots of missed opportunities out there.

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Extremely thorough post by +Thomas Schmitz on steps to take to remove internal company barriers that prevent great SEO.

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Update your +1 button - Following in the footsteps of our new red and white Google+ icon, the +1 button is sporting a fresh coat of paint. Stop by the configuration tool to see how the new pixels look across all the various sizes and shapes of the +1 button:

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Big Sur Mud Run... Looks like a fun event in Monterey County.
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