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Still on the story of the first Apple Store opening in Southeast Asia...

Like the last statement: "And that's how you open a store".

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Today is the grand opening of the first Apple Store in Singapore and Southeast Asia.
Here's the crowd right now at 7:45am 27th May Saturday, waiting for the opening of the store.
Photo taken from Twitter hashtag #appleorchardroad post.

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Today at iOS 10, it still doesn't come with any "File Manager" app for file management.

To cover this gap, I use the app "Readdle Documents" as my file manager on my iPhone and iPad.
(Readdle Documents is my favourite app on my iPad and it's more than just a file manager. But I could discuss that on another post another day)

Yesterday, Readdle update some of its apps an introduce a new and excellent feature that does "drag and drop files" across its apps on iPad split screen view.

For testing out, I'm using the Readdle Scanner Pro on the left and Readdle Documents on the right on my iPad Pro.
I could easily drag the image on the Readdle Scanner Pro app and "drop" it onto the Readdle Documents app on the right.
I must say the experience is satisfying.

Now, WWDC 2017 is round the corner early next month.
Do I want something like this on the iOS 11?
You bet!

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My iPad is out of WiFi range. I haven't turned on my hotspot on my iPhone.
By going to the WiFi setting on my iPad Pro, it shows my iPhone 6S hotspot entry, ready for my iPad Pro to be internet ready with a single click.

This is definitely not a feature to die for, but this little convenience kicks off this start-of-week Monday Blues to a great start.

Good morning, guys!

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My first uses with the new Google Assistant on my iPhone.
Not bad at all.
I could mix different languages in a query.

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Apple Store Singapore finally gets an opening date!
That's more than half a year delay.
Can't wait.

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I've been using the Workflow app ever since Apple bought it over and made it free.
It makes the iPhone usage so much more productive.
With Apple owning it now, I hope it can get more integration with iOS low level functionalities.
Here are some of the workflows that I created and use regularly:
1) Setting the volume to max level before my run so that the Nike+'s readout can be heard when I am running
2) Setting the volume to my usual level after the run
3) Showing the current WIFI network name and IP that I'm connected to
4) Playing my favourite music album and setting the volume to max so that it can suit my car's volume when I listen on my car stereo
5) Logging my iPhone's Battey level over time and write a google Drive file
6) Logging my current location onto a Google drive file and popping up an input box for me to enter any info.
What you guys got for your Workflow on your iPhone?

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Happy Vesak Day, guys!

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My favourite act for this week BGT 2017.
The onion-filled statement by the dad - "if you let her through, I'll go ....".

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Finally an app that supports the changing of home screen app icon change in iOS 10.3+.
First seeing it in Twitterrific.
Would love to see more app supporting it. 
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