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A Vermont hunter was found recently by Maine game wardens after he unexpectedly spent the night in the woods. According to the Maine Warden Service, 79-year-old, Brownell Bacon of Arlington, Virginia, went out into the woods of the Johnson Brook area,…

If your desire is to be working as an Ecologist, or Wildlife Ecologist, it is important to know the nature of the work you will be doing. An ecologist spends quality scientific time in the field, conducting investigations, classifying plants, animals and other organisms, and recording the data accumulated.

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The job title Conservation Officer is, at times, synonymous with fish and game warden, and refers to the individual who enforces state and federal laws protecting natural resources that include fish and wildlife.

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A wildlife biologist researches and monitors plant and animal habitats in specific regions in an effort to determine numerous, and precise, environmental and populace dynamics.

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Working as a Park Ranger, or Forest Ranger, affords you the opportunity to have a job that is filled with lots of worthwhile activities, such as:

leading tours
being/working outdoors and caring for nature
conversing with park guests
collecting environmental data on wildlife and plant populations
rescuing lost hikers
providing information to visitors
investigating complaints
performing law enforcement and firefighting duties, collecting usage fees, permit and equipment sales, and conducting grounds maintenance
teaching the public about how to enjoy and protect nature, and how factors such as pollution, litter, and climate change affect the parks

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When working as an Environmental Resource Manager, one can enact various conservation efforts and other land-use activities to ensure that all government regulations are properly implemented and that the land will remain usable for future generations.
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