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TJ Calbert
OoOoOo... What does this button do......
OoOoOo... What does this button do......

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Taking some time off for my birthday! thinking of going down to either Las Vegas, or Wendover for some fun. hmmm... choices choices :)

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My birthday is in 3 DAYS! ..any ideas as to what i should do?

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday!! for those of you who ever kept up with my daily updates, i apologize for not updating for so long. i will start doing some updates with the photos daily. or at least every other day :)

anyone want to go do something fun this weekend? (obviously locals)

i need to get back into the social groove. i feel as if i live in a cave... :)

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Want to see what it was?

Training the new girl :P

i need some breakfast //NOM NOM//
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