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Fajitas night ! Close cousin ...

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Fajitas night!

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Yummy dinner!

Just going to ask, how does one, if possible, get the icons near the top of their feed page in Google now?

Is it part of pixel launcher?

On g now launcher with assistant on N6, I saw it once coming back to the feed after going to recents, but that was it....

Google app 7.0.6 beta out, corrects issue swiping stuff off now page and FC's of the previous 7.0.4 beta release ...

Just an FYI, new Google App beta, has a bug:

If you're in the now page and swipe away any news items or notifications, it will force close.

I've tried rebooting my N6, clearing it's cache and data (which kills your home screen setup) but it persists.

I sent feedback thru the app, now to wait.

Most likely it will be corrected and a new beta will be out shortly.

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Spring. Stock gcamera, HDR+.

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It all comes down to how you hold it .... 😁
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So... Ran my N6 down to 40% batt and charged back up today, everything running fine.

The refurb replacement N6 arrived at home.

Since I really don't have a clue as to why it decided to stop booting and then later do it, I've a decision to make.

I'm going to use it thru the weekend, I'd prefer to keep my original, having never had any other he type issues with it in 2 years. This will also let me run it and if it does it again, to just pack it and begin unlocking the replacement and upgrade, load, etc.

I figure if it did it again after the refurb is returned, I could get it back etc.

Overall thoughts guys? 

Well this sucks.

My N6, working fine until I got to work. Was DL'ing the new version of G+ from APKmirror, then it sat for a moment and then it went to the Google logo, as if rebooting.

Then dark screen. Nothing. No response to power button held in for over a minute. Nothing on USB to my flashing laptop.

Was charged last night, doubt the batt is dead, argh ....
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