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PassNGuard Question and Answer´╗┐
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Initial Release PassNGuard
PassNGuard is a Professional Safe Password Generator/Keeper/Organizer tool which is used to generate highly secure

passwords that are very difficult to crack or guess. It is capable of generating huge amounts of Cryptographically-

Secure Passwords, Classical Passwords, Pronounceable Passwords, Pattern-Based Passwords, and Passphrases consisting

of words from word lists. It uses a Military-Grade Encryption Algorithm (Rijndael 256-bits) to protect the

Passphrases Database which is used by the US Department of Defense. PassnGuard provides lots of options to customize

passwords to the users' various needs.

Tired of remembering passwords? A Professional and Safe Password Manager like PassNGuard helps you store all your

passwords in one secure place, where they are encrypted and accessible only to you. And also a Powerful built-in

password generator helps you create strong passwords according to your needs.

In fact, PassNGuard is a software project that designed and programmed to let people have access to all their

passwords and personal information at the same place while all security features are fully implemented.

Strong passwords can prevent attackers from accessing your private information, such as Online Accounts.

Many people use the same password for multiple accounts/sites because it is hard to remember/select many passwords

And also they select a simple, easy-to-remember password, such as their Birthday or Identity Card Number Therefore,

attackers can easily guess your password(s) and access your account(s).

Therefore by using PassNGuard you can rest assured that your accounts are fully protected.
For download Please goto:
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I'm working alone on Aion v4.8 (latest NA Retail) about 2 weeks and most of features got fully implemented.

All Xml Parsers updated to v4.8 (Skills, Npcs, Items, Recipes, ItemSets, Zones, Spawns, Maps, gatherables, ...)

and also my x86 and x64 NoIP D3D Launcher with Anti-Cheat (NoAnimation, HeightHack, SoloInstances, ...) with ServerSide Service which protects Launcher from Force Closing.
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