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He's right!!
Why the Lord of the Rings and enterprise development are basically the same thing.

TIL: You don't pass a script's parms.

Know this - Timezones are complicated. 

There is nothing in this world that I love more than to file a ticket with vendor support and, after doing my diligence in providing details of my environments, several days of logs, and other goodies, than to be asked to provide that same information ...again... in the form of a canned response.

From here on out, I'm going to be vague in my tickets and when I receive a canned response, I will reply with my canned response. Ugh.

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In my latest DevDisasters, I tell the tale of a project team's, whose best efforts at due diligence are thwarted by their customer's last minute reveal.

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It's finally here! The Daily WTF's long overdue redesign is live! 

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Hashes...(sort of) tuples...and key-pairs. OH MY! #DevDisasters 

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Here's a drawing that I did of my super hyper/happy min pin! (my son said from a distance, he looks more like a bug with glasses and a moustache lol)

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In the realm of software development, and IT in general, the "KISS" principle is often the best one. My latest #DevDisasters goes into how someone did exactly the opposite.

Now, admittedly, this is based on the poor timing of computer issues this morning while doing my step for a major "go-live" for work, but all I gotta say is "Windows 8 SUCKS".
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