25,000 of us have signed the "We the People," #OAMonday  petition for public access to publicly funded US research, <http://wh.gov/6TH> and you can still join us! with that link. Because we achieved 25,000 signatures within 30 days -- in fact, we did it within 15 days -- we have earned an official reply from +The White House.

We thank David Liao, <http://twitter.com/lookatphysics> and <http://lookatphysics.com>, AKA David L from Holmdel, NJ on the petition where he was the 25,000th signatory.

Below is a memorial screencap of the 25k moment, suitable for printing and framing (either A4 or letter size in the US), perhaps after you add your own, real signature. Or ask signatory number 1,  #openaccess  hero +John Wilbanks for his autograph, next you see him!

The official reply will likely be issued from within Obama's Office of Science and Technology Policy, <http://www.whitehouse.gov/ostp>. For an idea of what to expect at minimum, see the replies to previous petitions,  <https://wwws.whitehouse.gov/petitions/!/responses>.

We also expect, however that this strong showing of public support may precipitate new policy, whether via presidential Executive Order or a strong statement of support from the White House for the bi-partisan bill to a similar effect,  #FRPAA  in the US Congress <http://www.taxpayeraccess.org/issues/frpaa/index.shtml>.

Whatever the outcome, we have demonstrated enough popular support for public access to publicly funded science to warrant an official response from the White House. This is a proud and unprecedented moment for the Open Access and Open Science movements. Thank you and congratulations!
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