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What if contentious Tampa Bay Bucs head coach Greg Schiano had to player cornerback against Buckeye great Ted Ginn Jr.? Sadness. And lots of it.
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In what can't be considered surprising, nobody misses Bret Bielema. Not even in Madison.

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It never ceases to amaze me that Google+ is still very much a thing. But you know what else is a thing? Polygon. It's a website.

People are still doing stuff with the Google Pluses. One of the top 16 social networked services on the internet today. Click "Share" to explore a whole new world.

Hey Mom, I did it! I made a Google Plus! /waits9yearsformomstogetgoogleplusaccounts

Got flack for not Google+'ing enough. Please to enjoy:

This is an important Google+pdate.

Did you know you can have a blog in 140 character form? Some people call this a 'micro blog'.

First an earthquake, now a hurricane? Michael Bay is the worst director of the national weather service ever.
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