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Hey everyone, I'm doing this thing where I'm using my sales on RPGNow this month to buy stamps that help fund Breast Cancer research. I am always buying postage, a lot of it, but I'd rather get stamps that go to an important cause. While I know it isn't a huge amount, every little bit counts. Thanks.

I got my room a couple of weeks ago, set to be there Thursday thru Sunday morning. Hope to scratch a game or two together.

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These were excellent. And they didn't taste like paint at all.
Here's my latest practice video. It's blurry and a few times I don't have the camera on the pancakes but I'm learning. And, I'm having fun.

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Who likes crawling through dark tunnels with no hope of survival? If you have to think about it, it's too late. You failed your save. Roll up a new character and get ready for the next adventure.

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Who needs a not-so-loyal henchman for their game? If so, Brax is ready for service. He'll fight for you (except if there are spiders involved) and has no problems lessening the burden of carrying treasure. He is very considerate that way.

Hey Guys, I've been collecting Mongoose's Slayer Guides. I am missing a few and thought I would throw it out here to see if anyone had any of the one I am missing.

lizard folk
winter wolves

I'm not looking to spend a fortune on these. I really do enjoy reading them. So if you have a dup copy or would maybe like to trade for some issues of the Manor or Micro-Adventures let me know. And thanks ahead of time.

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Holy shit, did it again. Another tiny tiny adventure to plug into a game if you are so inclined. In the post I write about the 'long con'. Developing NPCs the party likes and then doing horrible things to them. Yeah. I'm kinda like that.

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I found a abandon gas station with a burnt out trailer. A perfect setting for a zombie apocalypse. In addition there are two overgrown roads near it, one running in the front and one running behind the gas station. It's pretty cool setting.
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