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If I continue getting essays, I might morph into the Demogorgon crossed with the deadly sin of sloth.
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Being 1 out of 2 black kids in middle school goes something like this:

"Try straightening your hair"
Try Jheri curls.
" lemme touch it!"
"Can you do boxer braids?"
~ahem~ i t ' s c a l l e d c o r n r o w s
"Why is your hair so curly?"
"I wish I was black"
Until the next black man is murdered by the po-po.

This is me answering your annoying questions. I hope ya learned something.
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Name the last song you hear and add STOP. GET SOME HELP.

I'm sure it'll sound as cringey as pepe.

j u s t t r y i t !
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kaBOOM goes the canon watch the ships and oc's spray
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Anyone here who hates MIDDLE SCHOOL as much as +peachxi hates me? NO? Okay...

By the way, how do you become not have friends at middle school. I hate these fake people.
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I'm quitting G+. Bai. If you believe in 2nd lives, I'm getting one.
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Realizing that your "best friend" from elementary school doesn't give a crap...

You really stepped in it this time, Chantal.
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Realizing I'll never be good enough for my crush, who has a ~pretty~ gf.
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šŸŒ± full name; Chantal McAwkwardson - Weirdo
šŸŒ± birthday; February 28
šŸŒ± sexuality; straight
šŸŒ± gender; female
šŸŒ± single; YEEEEEEEEEEeeee

šŸƒ favorites

šŸƒ person; Either Marcus Garvey, Daveed Diggs, or Renee Elise Goldsberry
šŸƒ movie; ANY Madea movie
šŸƒ song; Wait For It by Leslie Odom Jr. (I get ~chills~ every time I listen to it
šŸƒ celebrity; Beyonce, Rihanna, or Nanny of the Maroons
šŸƒ color; HEHEHE I don't know...
šŸƒ food; I have absolutely NO idea
šŸƒ animal; cat or axolotl
šŸƒ word; melanin

šŸŒµ questions?

šŸŒµ how many siblings do you have; 1
šŸŒµ how many pets; 4
šŸŒµ do you like sweets; depnds on the sweet.
šŸŒµ do you like yourself; ~aw hell to the naw, hell to the naaw naw naw
šŸŒµ do you have a crush; Yeeeee
šŸŒµ do you have any nicknames; Yeahh
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