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Jason Humes
Work work work...all work and no play makes Jason a dull boy...
Work work work...all work and no play makes Jason a dull boy...

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Question, what part fan are people using with +Peter Stoneham single extruder mount?

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Recently picked up the Filastruder MINI DIFFERENTIAL IR HEIGHT SENSOR:
I already have and run the +Peter Stoneham mount which works for my inductive probe...would this wire directly in the same way as the inductive probe? :)

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Thanks to +Peter Stoneham​ for sending me one of his mk8 gears (right) which is clearly much better quality vs one labelled for 1.75/3mm use (left).

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Something I've run into now and again over the couple years I've had the 'bot...any idea why this pattern shows up on the first layer this uneven bed, over/under extrusion, something else?  Never really causes an issue and the prints always complete just fine when it does occur...just an oddity I've noticed.

Has anyone upgraded to Marlin-1.1.0-RC2 and found the REPRAP DISCOUNT FULL GRAPHIC SMART CONTROLLER will no longer see the inserted SD card?  The controller works totally fine otherwise, but no longer sees the SD menu option, no nothing.  Any thoughts?  I've enabled the controller in firmware via

Thanks :)

Would anybody know where to get good chrome rods (hopefully in canada) that I can use to extend the rigidbot regular x and y axis...also, would there be any issues with purchasing basic square tubing and extending the frame as necessary to match the new extended chrome rods?  I have the +Peter Stoneham mount with auto level probe and would like to be able to probe the actual corners of the bed as well as gain back the lost x  Cheers :) 

Is there any firmware that will work with auto level and the community LCD?  I can get the LCD working with the community firmware, but enabling auto level causing a compilation error...if I use theMarlin-RBCEv1.0.2 firmware I can get auto level working but the LCD does nothing but light up with no text/graphics...any suggestions?

Running a rigidbot regular with the +Peter Stoneham upgrade dual mk8 mount and just had it crash it the Z axis along the far side of the X axis...what should I reduce the bed size by to account for the extruder tension arm sticking out?  Thanks :)

Can anyone help with setting up two sets of PID numbers...I have the dual mk8 v6 from +Peter Stoneham setup and the PID numbers I got for each hotend are very different (due to using different heaters as distributed by e3d at various times).  I've tried to use the M301 H# switch, using H1 and H2 for heater1 and 2 respectively, but no such luck...sending an M301 H1 for the current setting returns only the last M301 value I stored, regardless of any H# added.

Also, in the firmware, should I change the dual reduction to 34 or does that number go someplace else in the firmware?  Thanks

Anybody else having troubles with the dual mk8 v6 extruder setup where filament creeps up the mk8 gear and out of the path during printing?  My extruder is well aligned with the center of the gear and the idler bearing is also well aligned with the gear...any ideas?  Thanks
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