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How do I send private messages to people in this new interface? I can't find anything obvious and all the instructions online are for the old interface.
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Those Journeys rules are dying for some good random encounter tables. Maybe in the Loremaster book. Have they released the t.o.c. for that yet?

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In case anyone reading this is in the area.
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What are the good game stores in the area (if any)? All the ones I went to when I was first into gaming have disappeared I think. I was at Complete Strategist in King of Prussia a few months back but was not very impressed (though I did find a copy of Vornheim, so it was worth the trip).

(I'm in the northwest-ish suburbs of Philly, but would travel a bit for a trip to a store.)

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In case anyone is looking for some online play this weekend, there are a few LotFP gams going on. I'm running Forgive Us (for anyone who isn't already spoiled for it).

ANTIGENCON!!!!! PLAYER SIGNUP!!!! Ok it's super simple:

ANTI-PLAYERS: Scroll down through the games listed in the comments below and +1 the sessions you're interested in. This will let the GM know you're down for a game. They'll contact you with details. If there's too many players for the session, it's up to the GM who'll make the cut. 

ANTI-GMs: It's up to you to contact the players who have +1'd your session and organise with them the details of your game. I'll leave it in your capable hands to sort it out.

And that's all there is too it. Be excellent to each other, and have a great weekend gaming! Any hassles just lemme know.

And if you want to run a session or just leave a comment do so down the end of the schedule. 

Bewdy Jez

Also, +Dyson Logos has very kindly offered to give every GM a PDF copy of Dyson's Delves II to say thanks for running. GMs, whether you keep it or pass it on to the MVP for the session is up to you. Just ping Dyson and let him know.

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Something very LotFP about this guy's paintings and drawings.
Agostino Arrivabene
Agostino Arrivabene

If you a) didn't just see a post from me about RPG stuff, and b) care, let me know so I can add you to one of my RPG related circles. I really don't use general public posts on G+.

If you are following me for Comics related stuff, you should follow:


cause I don't post about comics on G+.
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A little visual if you're using the firearms rules

Long shot, but does anyone have a scan of the old Barony game (or Rogue Swords of the Empire from Space Gamer)? It had all these great random generators and somewhere along the line my copies disappeared.

Anyone know a good basic resource for things like harbor fees and taxes? Characters are likely to sail a ship to a city and it seems like they'd need to pay a harbor fee of some kind and taxes on the goods they've acquired from the former owners of the ship (smugglers). I'm not really sure what would feel appropriate but it seems like a good time to relieve them of some of their treasure and let them know civilization is upon them.
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