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Alyssa May White

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Sight and Savior
According to the nurses, the room dropped a full twenty degrees
the day the twins were born. The boy, Jace, came first. The newborn, for all
their prodding, barely made a fuss. All involved feared something must be
terribly wrong with his lungs, but every t...

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Part three of  5502338491211465810223849455568101000234818679 . As soon as I am deemed coherent enough for a long enough period of time, I am moved. I take this as an opportunity of escape. I know the odds of me making any significant progress towards freed...

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Legend of the Dream Walker: Part Two
Introspection was something Corrie typically tried to avoid. She knew she wouldn't like what she saw. However, it was always hard to avoid this time of year. The first day of school. The end of any illusion of freedom. She gave herself one more once-over in...

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Jenny had always loved stargazing. And her parents' farm was the perfect place for it. She would lie in her parents' fields for hours just gazing up at the sky. She imagined a world orbiting each and every star she could see, each with a kid like her, makin...

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New Plan
I'm tired of being told how my life is going to go. Take this class Follow this plan And you'll go far you know. We've counted out the years of your life. We'll tell you how to spend them right. Just sit back No need to fight. You're all unique little snowf...

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Growing Up is a Trap
The years of childhood are shaky and indefinite. You never know how many you will have. Too often they end too soon. Society calls you an adult at eighteen. That doesn't mean you haven't already grown up. Growing up is a trap. It's forsaking fun for respons...

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Bare Bones
They say that if you strip us down, Take away everything recognizable, So all that's left are bones, We are all the same. There must be hundreds of pictures on the internet, The same skeleton copy-pasted next to itself, Over and over again, Bearing a differ...

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The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword
"The pen is mightier than the sword,"         I say, And the whole world seems to scoff. The assassins and the armaments All hold their swords aloft. "Come and face me now,"         They say, "With your puny pens     I'll win any battle,       Any war;     ...

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Get Young
They tell the young to find ourselves, But we're not missing. We're just misunderstood. Do we find ourselves with age, Or do we lose ourselves? We're told we're too young to understand, But maybe they're too old. We're freer when we're young. Standards of a...

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A Million Silent Screams
Day of silence A million moments of silence Compacted into one extended period For a million voices unwillingly silenced. A silence long and loud enough That maybe, Finally, That million silent screams will be HEARD.
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