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#Ingress is taking off like mammals after the dinos died!

Every time I log in (more often then I care to admit) there are new locations joining the fight. I love being able to watch battles unfold in places like San Fransisco, New York, Tokyo, Rome, and of course my own city... all from a bird's eye view. It is kind of overwhelming though.

Right now the biggest way I think this experience could be improved is with a regional/city wide score and tracking of personal stats.

Can you believe we're not even a week into this!

Also, is it just me, or does the power seem to be going to +Brandon Badger's head?

#NianticProject #TeamNiantic

+Brandon Badger is handing out invites for people that make some #ingress art! Make something and send it his way if you need a code.

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"The Ingress team envisions a scenario where one player sits at a desktop, dispatching orders to “agents” in the field instructing them which portals to power-up in order to complete a link and take over a territory.

Only someone in front of a deskop can see the big picture and know where resources are needed." #ingress   #niantic   #nianticproject  

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This just in from +Johnathan Chung!
If you're looking for an early invite code to the Ingress App, you have until midnight PST (T minus 5 hours) to crack +Brian Rose's clue:
#ingress #NianticTeam

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The Niantic Team. Owning #ingress with our bad ass costumes.

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The news brings only one question to mind...

Will Team Niantic be a part of the Resistance? Or the Enlightened?

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Niantic Team Assemble!!! #nianticproject  
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