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I greatly enjoyed my recent trip to Washington D.C.  I went straight north to Flagstaff, AZ took a right and went north when I got to Hickory, North Carolina.  I am the most USA Patriotic person that I have ever known, well my Command Master Chief Daugherty might have been more.

On my trip back from D. C. I realized something.

Our War of Independence was faught over "Tea."     

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I don't like this person's attitude, but I collected those pencils too.
All these years later and not a lot has changed. I am the opposite of a football fan but I'll never not root for the Seattle Seahawks.


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God is a just and fair God.  I do think that God cares about deflategate.  If the Patriots did deflate footballs, then I think the Seattle Seahawks should be spotted 14 points at the start of tomorrow's game.  
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