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Source Close to NM Congressman Promises Huge Roswell Exposure
SPI SANTA FE, NM -  The Saucerologist was unexpectedly contacted this week by a gentleman who was once closely affiliated with the office of Congressman Steven Schiff, who represented the first district of New Mexico from 1989 until his death in 1998.  The ...

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More Mysteries and Fewer Answers: Roswell, New Mexico in 1947
Mack Brazel's Tale: Desert or Damnation? "Why in God's name would he shoot somebody?" This is Part 3 of our Bits and Pieces of Roswell Story. If you're just now coming into it, you should probably start at Part 1 below :  "New Revelations Add to the Collect...

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More Revelations About Roswell, 1947
Army Point-of-View Proves Catastrophic for Disc Theory "Yeah, this is it -- this is the flying disc" The narrated discussions presented in the article below have been fostered amidst the absolute and often expressed desire for an accurate record of the supp...

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New Revelations Add to the Collection of Mysteries in Roswell, 1947
Wherein We Meet Patient-X and an Angry Little Man  "Flying Saucers Piss Me Off!" For the sake of other patients' privacy, the "Santa Fe long term care facility" once responsible for housing the man we call Patient-X has expressed its desire to remain uniden...

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Great! Now this Screwy Alien Wants to Seduce Your Family Because of Your Vote
And Look! He's Packing a Flame-thrower in One Tiny Little Hand & A Hot Little Axe in the Other! The only sweet spot around this train wreck you've created is the indisputable fact that if he's elected President, he's going to debase and humiliate your famil...

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You Let the Alien In, So Now You're Responsible for It!
And The Best Way To Do That, Is To Do Exactly What The Little Prick Tells You To Do . . . You Best Go Make Him a Nice Dinner, Damn It!  For God's Sake Open a Bottle of Sherry.  It Seems Like You're Not Even Trying!! Step 4 in my "5-Step Program to Make Amer...

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Open the Door and Let the Aliens In
We've Got Another Alien Gray Squeeze Breeze!! But Don't Worry Yourself  Too Much: They Walk Through W al ls Step 3 in my "5-Step Program to Make America Great Again" is for me to get richer!! That's the truth, folks.  When America was great, my Father was m...

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The Alien is at Your Front Door
And Unfortunately Nobody Thought It Was Important Enough to Ask Him What His Definition of "Great" Is! I Know . . . I Know!!  It's Funny, Isn't It? Well, not funny-ha ha, of course, more like funny-shit! what the hell is that big ol' cactus doing right ther...

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Ancient Bible Linked to Gray Aliens!
New Dead Sea Scrolls Published! The First Creation and Where It Went Off the Rails SPI TEL AVIV, ISRAEL -- In a surprise announcement that was predictably held back until the publication of the two books detailing the discoveries, 25 previously unpublished ...

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