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Meloney Byrd

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To get some peace of mind and understanding.
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Meloney Byrd

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Lighten up, Francis Meloney

I've been really hard on myself these days, college graduation on the horizons, trying to scoop up any internship which might make me attractive to employers, freaking out hoping for phone calls, trying to get my feet on the path which will lead me to the life that I want not the life I'm forced to have. I've been running myself into the ground, who does that benefit? Certainly not me. I'm tired of making demands.. it's time to lighten it up.

Heard a song by Puscifer which reminded me of a thing called fun. When you work hard, you should play hard. It's called balance and life should be full of it.

Lyrics go something like...

_Momma's daughter's headin' to town
To swing her booty around
Shake it all up and down
(It's time to lighten it up)_

_It time to get out of your head
and get back into your booty_

With that said watch The Dude bring it and think about how you can balance your life of work with a life of fun and accomplished desire. 

Now, back to writing that Thesis defense paper on Immanuel Kant and David Hume...oh philosophy

#workhardplayhard   #balance   #puscifer   #graduating  
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Meloney Byrd

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Sometimes..when the #panic sets in..I'm tempted to run through the halls with my hands flailing through the air like some maniac escaping a fire. Boy do I hate final exams and Job interviews. 
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Meloney Byrd

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Definition of demimonde: a group characterized by lack of success or status.

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Meloney Byrd

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Feels like a comfy sock, aqua team hunger force, melt-into-the-couch kind of day :-)
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+Meloney Byrd  My cats like to suck on them - so we are even!  LOL
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Meloney Byrd

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Knowledge may not always be free, Get it while you can! _25 Free online resources and web Apps for lifelong learners*
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Meloney Byrd

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Remember we beings are connected by numerous variables. But if you must think of only one, think of the moon.
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Meloney Byrd

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Its that time of year where I have absolutely no problem wearing a onsie.

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And it's only $44! I'm sold! 
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Meloney Byrd

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A queen's meal
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+Micah Bodhi I hate to say it but I think I just have to agree. Home made always better than bought that is if you can cook lol
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Meloney Byrd

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Sheepshead fish has man like teeth. Looks like it might sing a song
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What if we found some sort of animal with human vocal cords? Guess I just can't get over the weirdness of it all. 
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Meloney Byrd

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The purpose of education is to give you the foundation to enable you to create your own path.
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Meloney Byrd

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To be human
I like to think about what I am because being human is such a mystery.
Who knows the limit of the human being?

 We are more than the culture that we have enveloped ourselves in. 
We are one part animal, one part mental being, one part the collective. We understand ourselves as animals, we study biology and the sciences to develop ourselves in this manner. How are we developing our sense of our own mental abilities and how does that challenge the current structure of our civilization? 

Not everything I have needed for myself has been respected by the those who function solely in civilized mode of thought.  Still, I try to respect myself on each level of my being: as an animal, as a mental being, and as a civilized component of the collective. This creates balance for me, and it seems to draw attention from others who wish to be a free as I seem to feel. I tell them as Shakespeare once said, " To thine own self be true" It's a good place to start.
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I woke up this morning thinking, "Go". I didn't have plans so I made some.
I'm a about-to-graduate college student finishing up a degree in Biology and a double minor in Japanese and Philosophy. I'm also a D.I.Y personal development enthusiast, and writer.

I'm working on a website The World-Mechanism which focuses on conscious living and self improvement though observations of different schools of thought.

When I'm away from my computer I'm usually indulging in the qualities of the world, listening to a 30+ hour audio book, hiking or trying to learn a new skill. 
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I survived the lust for science and technology with my imagination and ambition intact!
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