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My question is what if The Cylon Serpentoids and the first 12 Lords Of Kobol each dug up Kobolian Crystals on their own home planets and became Lord Gods of Kobol nearly at the same time? The Lord Arch Angels And Angels Of Kobal are both Cylon and Humans but evolved beyond the need of a great war and cohabit immortal dimentions, the Lords Of Cylon want to stop the DNA replicate Cylon Leaders and end their war. They want to ally with the humans and free the True Cylon Serpentoids.

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Are we men supposed to be scared of single white Bisexual Females that rave about equality and multiculturalism then says that all Single White Men are racist against women.....if so HAVE ALL THE FEMINISTS contact me and put me on a Spit and roast me as a bigot.

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I don't think Tommy Robinson is the problem, I think for too long we are hearing from the Bleeding Hearts Green Piecers that care too much about ILLEGAL WIDE SPREAD MULTICULTURAL IMMIGRATION without the socalled Refugees being detained and policed to find out just whom they are. Am I of the Far Right, I am of the Far Left Liberal that wants freedom but does not want waves of illegal refugees flooding either the UK, Canada or the USA.

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Missing in Action Uboats, SOCALLED PRO-HISTORIANS WITH NO BRAINS AND Victorious RCN and Royal British Imperial Navies Faking Pictures and Naval Histories During World War 2: WHAT MAKES ME FURIOUS is Pro-Historians with no brains and the Royal Canadian Navy as well as the Royal British Imperial Navy trying to cover up conspiracies, as you can see right here from what I am submitting is a reconstruction of the TRUTH AND NOT A DAMN WHITE WASH OF HISTORY that the Royal Canadian Navy, DOD in Canada and the Royal British Imperial Navy wants to live with today! I want people to judge for themselves after the 2 week long writing I had with the Webmaster of the Uboat whom chose to believe in what the RCN and RBIMN wanted him to be spoonfed, I was not spoonfed and I believe my father, Leander Wilson Brewster, Lloyd Meredith and Don Spink's grandfather Westley Allan Spinks were all telling the truth about their adventures in WW2 that the ROYAL CANADIAN NAVY AND THE BRITISH ROYAL IMPERIAL NAVY covered up Operation Shark BaitnHook and this is a reconstruction of Uboat 1006 in Halifax Harbor-West Arm in 1942-1943 before she was sunk by HMCS Annan in 1944. This also shows how easy it was for the RCN and RBIM Navy to fake photos to hand back to sailors that made a concerned effort to try to expose the truth, Don Spinks kindly sent me the 2 frame uboat photo.
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The Enigma Codes and their Importance in WW2, Encryption and Decryption of them as how I understand how they can be coded and uncoded

You can see from the pictures and my fathers information, what he did during World War 2, to help capture 3 German Uboats from the German Navy and help deliever the improved 5 rotor Enigma Code Machine and Enigma Code Books to British Naval Command. But what are we dealing with when we say "We are using the Enigma Codes to Encrypt Messages and Decrypt them."

One has to wonder what exactly the kind of codes we are dealing with, but it is simple a line of text out of a code book which we type into an Morse Code Teletype "Wireless Encrypting-Decrypting Machine".

Today is May 19, 2018 but lets suppose I am using Page 36 of an Enigma Code German Navy Submarine Enigma Code Book say around 1935-1943 or later.

Since May has 31 days I go to the code page for May 19th and see the following Code Encrypt Decryption typing on that page 36 as my reference material to set my Enigma Code Machine.

Line 19: HA GM DI VK JP YU EF TB ZL XQ Then I look over at my keycodes and for example they give me the 12 code line of WUV YEN, BUZ RJK.......interesting is it not?

While this line of script was the same in all Enigma Code Books, in the German Navy and Submarine Fleet the Decryption or Encryption Radio Operators could use Wheel M4 Code Encryption or later M2-5 Wheel Encryption or Decryption moduals-Rotors.

Well to the untrained eye it means little but lets add a few important 4 lettered wording boxes to our Encrypt and Decrypt code phrases.

German High Command Army to German Panzer Corps: 35 Tnks toArdns Frst, 15 FghtsnBmbrs NW-SE of Ardns Frst. 35 Tnks will Encl Brts N Frnch Divsns!

The Enigma Code Machine in it's later versions could print numbers as well, it could also print out a printed teletype paper with the information on it. So the Encryption might read to the decoder whom might be a General in the German Panzer Corps as: 35 IDUS UP HDENT ERSU, 15 IGVHS N AEArs NW-SE HSE FDDT. 35 IOKS XIBB AODL ARTT N AROCG CJSONS! Yes Anagrams......or crossword puzzles.

If you were the German Panzer Corps General could you decrypt this message having your own Enigma Code Machine?

I also welcome the mathmatical minded people that enjoy crossword puzzles and Anagrams to use the cypher I have included to crack the above Encryption, you can even make up your own codes using this simple method.

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Love this CRAPPY STUPID BULLSHIT. An Volcanic Eruption would stop climate change.

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I find it very funny that Landfill specialists DON'T WANT to get their hands dirty with OUR GARBAGE! After all it keeps them employed with fulltime jobs and jobs for life.
The problem is a bit of food in recycliable pickup containers ticks these assholes off PITTY. LET HIM COME TO OUR HOUSE AND DO THE SORTING HE WANTS A MESSY JOB! CBC Marketplace did the series on this smelly mess that Landfill SPECIALISTS FIND SO DISTURBING but they themselves set up the recycliable model and we have been sticking to it and I SORT OUT THE PLASTICS FROM THE KLEENEX so if Mr Snooty Landfill Specialist wants to dicker with me about what I sort out then he can come to my door and I will CHEW HIS EAR OFF with my complaints!

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Gaming and Roleplay: It took nearly 2.5 months to complete but I finished it, an 160 Sided dice you can use for just about all your gaming and Roleplay needs. The 160 sided dice seen to the very top Left of this picture is a mathmatic piece of engineering that took me alot of timne to construct but since finishing it last night had solved alot of my gaming problems. It can be used to send Mechs on Quests or send fleets of ships into battle, for Battlestar Galactica or Gundam Seed space battles or Star Trek.

When you roll it, no one number comes up ever twice in a row, with varied rolls you get totally varied results in your dice rolling. The Gaming dice is a completely created oneofakind dice you cannot find in gaming stores and is about the size of a softball. You also hold the World in your hands because it could be used as a small Earth Globe of Gaming.
It is also completely constructed out of used Cereal Box Cardboard and takes just a wee bit of math to make the top and bottom parts.

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ALL THIS GODDAMN TIME and we find out NOW that the SHITTY STUPID KID THE SID HAS BEEN TAKING DRUGS TO WIN THE STANLEY CUP! I am very much outraged as an Canadian Citizen, the drug is called PRO MUSCLE and is building up SID THE KID'S BODY, the snooty hockey player may be from Canada.....NOVA SCOTIA I AM SORRY TO SAY but for a Pro Player like him to be on such drugs is just incrediable!! IT IS A SLAP IN THE FACE TO CANADIANS whom had a hope that Toronto or Montreal might have a chance at the STANLEY CUP THIS YEAR BUT US PRO HOCKEY TEAMS MUST BE STOCKING UP ON PRO MUSCLE FOR ANOTHER YEAR 2019 TO CHASE STANLEY'S CUP AGAIN, I wonder if in 15-20 years if the SIDEEFFECTS OF PRO MUSCLE catches up with dear sweet SID THE CHEATING KID.

WE DO NOT NEED HOCKEY PLAYERS TAKING SUPPLIMENTS to win hockey games......WHAT WE NEED ARE HONEST HOCKEY PLAYERS THAT GET BEATUP COME BACK YEAR AFTER YEAR hoping to win Lord Stanley's cup fairly and honestly, If Sidney Crosby is kicked out of hockey and the Penguins are shut down as a Hockey Club then it will make the NHL STRONGER AND MORE better than all the muscle building drugs on the planet being consumed today.

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I had just filled out my Income Tax of Revenue Canada finished it swearing, "Thank God I am done for THIS FUCKING YEAR!". Having spent a little over 3 days completing every form and every paymentstub that I was sent. (I make no bones about this, I am on COMMUNITY SERVICES and I get only $5976.00 a year to live on and pay rent like everyone else, some total of $500 a month since I am a single man with no girlfriend, wife and NO DEPENDANT CHILDREN.) SOME PEOPLE HATE MY GUTTS and say so on the Internet because I have to go to my local regional center of Comm Service yearly talking to my Community Services Support Worker whom files papers in my behalf.

In filing my Income Tax I have seen an odd sum that varies between $1,717.72 to $2717.72 and I was wondering what this NON-REFUNDIABLE TAX CREDIT IS!? Should I not claim it as a REFUNDIABLE CREDIT; NO A FUCKING HEAD TAX IS WHAT IT IS??!!

So here is my conspiracy that the Federal Government and the Provincial-Terroritorial Governments have worked out!

Since I cannot work nor find jobs unless I have the skills for them, then I have a Base Income including Community Services of $8,593 Per Year, Community Services gives me in cheques an sum of $5,976.00 per year not including GST at $132.00, my medical and employment expenses per year equals $2,717.72 which is the DIFFERENCE OF ME KEEPING ABUNCH OF ASSHOLES MEN AND WOMEN HAVING JOBS AND WORKING, why CANNOT I CLAIM THE ABOVE STATED MONEY which equals a total of $84,249.32 for 31 years since I graduated Trade School as my Taxiable Credits from Revenue Canada?? SIMPLE, THE GODDAMN MONEY IS THE WORKING BUDGET OF BOTH NOVA SCOTIA AND OTTAWA and is stolen from me each year as my LIVING EXPENSES of being a Person in Nova Scotia, Canada!!!!!!!

While this pisses me off, I am more than pleased to know that the fucking Men and Women that are working that I am paying for to have work at the jobs and stores where I buy shit I am paying to have them WORK AND LIVE ON MY STOLEN MONEY!

A little postscript, NEVER FUCKING GET INVOLVED WITH TORY AND FUCKING NDP LANDLORDS BUYING AND SELLING PROPERTY THAT YOUR RENTING FROM THE FUCKING CUNTS LIKE THE LANDLORD, Brandon Byers, you see the SHITTY TIGHTWAD WORKS at his father's refridgeration company and his girlfriend-wife is into HORSES you see also that HIS FUCKING GIRLFRIEND-WIFE wants him to sell his own house and this property THAT MY 80ISH MOM AND I ARE RENTING to get a HORSE FUCKING FARM SO SHE CAN FUCKING RIDE HER 3 HORSES, the realestate people are sending propective clients over to look at our house today......ohhhh the fucking joy of talking to asshole prospective new LANDLORDS WHOM MAY OR MAY NOT BUY THIS RUN DOWN FALLING DOWN HOUSE! Ohhhhh the FOOLISH ASSHOLE LANDLORD BRANDON BYERS is tossing his LANDLORDSHIP UP FOR A BITCH THAT HAS 3 HORSES. I wonder if the BITCH, THAT HE LOVES later will ditch the young landlord for a RICHER MAN that can get her a mansion too, IN A FEW YEARS I SMELL DIVORCE IN THE AIR FOR BRANDON BYERS, love is strange and cruel......IN FOR A PENNY AND 3 DONKEY'S ARSEHOLES.

FOR ME IN 3 YEARS IT WON'T MATTER, my mom may be too old to takecare of herself and then she goes to an OLD FOLKS HOME, does not matter! I may become a bum on the streets and contemplated suicide that better than trying to find a place to rent when I can only afford $400 a month or rental with Mentally handicapped people at HALFWAY FLOP HOUSES. And I do know how to off myself painlessly since I cannot live with my older 60ish Brother whom bums money from me and rarely pays it back only when he thinks of it. THE FUCKING EXECUTORSHIP between my Mom and my BROTHER, only allows me to "take a few things from the house of my mum's", what I wanted was the items could be sold so that I could pocket money enough to live on but my FUCKING OLDER BROTHER TORPEDOED THAT IDEA WHEN HIS STEPSISTER WIFE and he interfered in my MOM'S LIVING-WILL now my older brother and his shitty STEPSISER WIFE SWEEPS IN TAKING EVERYTHING THAT THEY WANT AND I GET NOTHING, life is strange for someone like me. Maybe I will find out what is beyond Deaths Doorway, in 4years.
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