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Why & How Do You Buy Books?

I'm running a short, 5-question survey. Would love your participation and thoughts!

(NOTE: I'll be presenting the results during my talk at Digital Book World in NYC this March, then making them available online)

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Business owners don't want to waste their money. Nor do they want to sort through the B.S. trying to determine which services are worth spending their money on. 

What used to be TV, newspapers, magazines, and mailers, is now websites, social media, streaming video, and podcasts. 

The Internet is changing so rapidly, it is hard to know where to go for help, and where to focus your investment dollars and your efforts. It doesn't help that Internet Marketers still offer services and strategies that are outdated and obsolete. 

It also doesn't help that the Internet is today's prime breeding grounds for scams of all sorts. And, it doesn't help that the slimeballs who used to knock on doors are now online, following the new models of deception to remove cash from your bank accounts.

Last week, we entered into a discussion regarding what a business owner must consider when designing a company website. 

This week, we will discuss how to pursue the "vetting venture" of who to hire as you make decisions regarding your online business experience. We will include some real life testimonials from the Green Room Smarties on what NOT to do. And, we'd like to hear yours, too. 

We've probably ALL had some regrettable experience with some entity offering gold for free, or membership sites that will pay your mortgage in 3 years, and even "free to join!" But mark my words - it's going to cost you to leave!

2016 promises to be an amazing year - I can feel it in my bones! Let's avoid the pitfalls of the scammers and the slimeballs, and have a prosperous year. You can start by attending this week's Saturday Morning Marketing Smarties, a great place to start!

Join me,+Roland Takaoka , from R and D Hotline, sponsor of this show, as well as...

+Molly Youngblood Geiger  -  *Marketing On Line Leveraging YouTube Community ( ) Molly and her company, Design Right 4 U* hail from Jacksonville, Florida.  Molly is a Google Community Ambassador, Google Business Advisor, Google Helpout Provider, and Google Partners Community Rising Star.


+Karen V Chin  -  *San Francisco Marketing Consultant – Social Media Engagement Specialist,* a Knitter, a Gardener, and Sewist. Among her many skills and strengths are her abilities to "ramp up and amp up" Social Media Engagement. (#14DaysofMusicChallenge Community

Smarties gather here... hope you'll join us!

#googlescam   #marketingsmarties   

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Content marketing can look quite a bit different for B2B companies. Check out Rand's tips in today's Whiteboard Friday.

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Old school but simple timesheet time tracking with tasks and stopwatch functionalities for each task.

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"The big secret is there is no secret to success. - Oprah" (2 minutes)

#youtube  #howto #happy #happiness #leadership #motivational #video #timfargo 
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