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Rich Driscoll
Wherever you go, there you are
Wherever you go, there you are

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Gift from Dungeons Past
A few weeks ago a friend of mine at work, Tony, approached me after a meeting. He said he had a box of D&D miniatures and wanted to know if I would like them. He had heard around the office that I still played games and liked to paint miniatures. I told him...

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Gaming and Nerd Related Stuff on Youtube
This time I am going to reveal some fun web series on youtube. These are mostly gaming related but some of these channels are just for fun. The DM's Craft, DM Scotty He specializes in DnD terrain using the 2.5D method of construction. His finished pieces lo...

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Dungeon Saga
I received the game Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King's Quest for Christmas this year. The game is the spiritual successor to Hero Quest. The base game come boxed in what appears to be a large slipcase story book containing dungeon tiles, miniatures, dice, character...

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Wizards of the Coast is going to close down and delete their forums soon. That's right they are going to DELETE everything. I have included the official link so you can read for yourself. Just when you think WOTC is starting to get a clue, too. WOTC Big news

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Top Coolest D20 Open Source Properties
1> DragonMech 2> Starship Troopers 3> Babylon 5 4> Dragonstar 5> Deadlands Again, these are my opinions. Note yours in the comments.

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Top 5 Old School RPGs that are all but Forgotten
1> Empire of the Petal Throne 2> Chivalry and Sorcery 3> Villains and Vigilantes 4> Monsters! Monsters! 5> Witch Hunt Many more that could be considered. Are there any you think should go above these? Bonus: I had an adventure module published for Witch Hun...

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Basic Fantasy for Beginners
Part I I have already sung the praises the of the Basic Fantasy Role-playing game. This free RPG is a retro-clone that lends itself to teaching beginners how rpgs work. So, I decided it was the perfect rule set to use to introduce my nine year old daughter,...

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More Games Workshop Fun
So, some time ago I wrote about changes to the way GW retails its products and what that did to the stock price. It really spoke to what their idea of customer service and loyalty was all about. I posted updates to the blog entry for a while and their stock...

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Getting Started
A recent blog entry about the Basic Fantasy RPG got me to thinking about where I really started with gaming and miniatures. In 1977 Rankin/Bass (the Rudolph and Frosty guys) released   the Hobbit   animated movie. The same year Ralph Bakshi released the ani...

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Just Tried: Robinson Crusoe
I had the opportunity to try a new board game last week. The game is Robinson Crusoe : Adventures on the Cursed Island by ZMan Games. It is a cooperative gave for 1 to 4 players where the object of the game is to survive long enough to get rescued. This inv...
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