+K Robert s comment to +Kee Hinckley 's post yesterday is enlightening.

I am a recent ex Google employee who was involved in debates around this issue inside Google for MONTHS before leaving there. They absolutely knew what a big deal it would be, and how many people would be affected. For instance, I personally provided a pointer to the people involved showing a Pew Internet survey from 2009 that indicated that ~40% of adult US Internet users "primarily" go by a name not associated with their wallet name online, along with vast amounts of other documentation and references to large communities affected (ranging from "Second Lifers" to "Japanese people"). I was not the only one doing so -- there was an extremely strong advocacy effort at Google around this, reaching back long before G+ was released into field trial.

They knew exactly what they were getting into, and chose to do it anyway. The stalling, avoidance of the issues, and all-too-rare weasel-worded statements are exactly what I would expect from Vic and the rest of G+ management based on their behaviour pre-launch.

Nobody at Google is surprised by any of this.

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