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ROFLMAO 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭 H/T +Sam Bernard

Check out this video on YouTube: 
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Alvin M. II

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What I'm doing "thee" rest of the night.... #StarWars #BattleFront #Beta

And yes that's #Vader kneeled
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PC version is dope AF.
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Alvin M. II

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W00t!!!!! #StarWars #BattleFront #Beta
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That game is ill business 
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Alvin M. II

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Damn we should have bought it
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Hush +Calvin McClendon lol. You know I hate them
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Alvin M. II

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#Soon....... 11 days and counting. 
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A yo, hit me wit a gamer tag
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The M8 GPe model (or in general) was such a good phone if I absolutely had use the Android variant I would. I have the Windows model currently. M will be nice on it....
HTC One M8 GPE may see Android 6.0 update later this month. 

#Android   #HTC   #OneM8
As tweeted earlier this week by Mo Versi, HTC will shoot to release its Android 6.0 “Marshmallow” update for the One M8 Google Play Edition (GPE) later this month, but is making no promises.  The update should not cause too much drama for HTC, as GPE devices run a stock build of Android, plus a …
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Good on HTC. Hopefully Samsung will update the GPE of the GS4 soon as well.
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Alvin M. II

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Really digging the new Moto 360 2nd Gen. What's funny is I like the interchangeable watch faces more than I like Android Wear as a whole lol.... As of right now

#AndroidWear #Noobie
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Alvin M. II

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My future #Nexus6P companion is here. The #Moto3602ndGen. My first ever "owned" Android Wear. Never been of huge fan but with the iOS/Android compatibility, me getting it $200 cheaper than it cost (job perks) I figured this was a time to give it a fair shot lol. 
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I have the regular one and it is a little large but the screen size is nice. I might consider a smaller one,  eventually but mine is still too new. I have small wrists though.

I have the older generation though. I still get a lot of compliments on it.
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Alvin M. II

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Wow, even Forbes turned cheek. First the Verge, now Forbes. Now just need to turn the Wall Street Journal and we will have turned the three largest Apple promoters into at least something less so.

Forbes Now: Google Nexus 6P Hands-On: Far Nicer Than The Leaks Suggested.
Hands-on with Google's new Nexus P - it's a lot nicer in person than in the pre-release leaks
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IVerge returned today calling the nexus line nothing but ads for Google. So it didn't last long.
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Alvin M. II

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My brother told me the same lol.
After using GeForce Now for a couple of days, I've decided the Nvidia Shield Android TV is a console and will refer to it as such from now on. 
We could very well be looking at the building blocks for a truly next-gen gaming console. I'm just about as platform agnostic as they come when video games are involved. I'll happily waste a Saturday building levels in Super Mario Maker on the Wii-U with my kids, swap out my camera and pile of phones for my HOTAS setup for some Elite: Dangerous on my PC when the work day is over, get...
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This could constantly upgrade easier and quicker than the Xbox One and PS4. It runs completely in the cloud. More and better games will come.
+Alvin McClendon II Google needs to partner with Nvidia to make this the default (Serious) game streaming service for Android. Not just for Nvidia devices. Nvidia will make even more money and give Microsoft and Sony a run for their money.
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Father, huge tech fan..... I'm just an all around average dude. Love Chevys, photography, wrestling, video games, sports, computers, shoes, art, all kinds of music, and all types of movies/TV shows

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