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Styleswap covers for the OnePlus One. Despite all the (often overblown) hype and whether the phone will be successful or not, I have to say I like the minimalist approach. This is probably the most attractive suite of backings I've seen for a device as far as an option that comes from the OEM.
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Now those look good. 
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Oppo Find 7a vs HTC One M8:
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I like the Oppo (and M8, for that matter), but enough is enough with the increasing screen size!! I have fairly large hands, but things things are getting to be a pain in butt to use for the size! I want a Moto X size phone with good specs......I have an 8" tablet to watch movies on, I don't need a huge phone for it.
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It became very evident again today how important +CyanogenMod is and how much love we still must give +Cyanogen Inc. My daughters outdated device was able to receive the Google Camera update today because her device, that officially never received JellyBean or even the last version of ICS is currently running a stable CM11, KitKat 4.4.2.
Just another moment of amazement for me on what the team and it's maintainers do.
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I'm in love with cyanogenmod
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Alvin McClendon II

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This is so dope. H/T +Chris Sullins
Wall-mounted water cooled PC
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I do lan parties sometimes so I will stick to having a case :-p but I do love my corsair 750d I just got recently.
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Great review on the GS5. Pros and cons.... 100% how I feel about it

Samsung Galaxy S5 review:
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I think that a lot of the things he said were fair. The tricky thing is when you have so many options, it then becomes a gamble to take anything it for fear that there is a feature someone liked. I also can't see a new Galaxy device having less options then the last. I love my M8 but I find myself missing certain things about TW. I don't really care about the cartoonish look. Anything regarding aesthetic choice is purely opinion and doesn't make or break a device.
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Not really a custom boot ani nut but this one is pretty cool....

H/T +David Junior
Check out this awesome boot animation. The 1080p version looks amazing on a Nexus 5.

Created by /u/ff33b5e5 on /r/Nexus5. Download 720p or 1080p versions here:

EDIT: Mirrors added:
1080p Version:  
720p Version:

Also, in case you're wondering, ff33b5e5 is the Hex color code for Android's shade of Cyan used in Ice Cream Sammich. Yum! #HOLOYOLO  
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It's gonna be hard to get this phone. Dropping my hopes. If I get an invite then I get one. But becoming a day one'er, a lot of us won't be lucky lol.
You'll be able to get the OnePlus One with an invite. Learn more about the OnePlus One Invite System!
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+Alvin McClendon II it has great specs including the 800 processor and nice screen. I don't think Tmo will get this phone. The other three got the Ativ brand in 2012
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Minimal Icon pack.... On Sense 6. #HTCOneM8
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+Alvin McClendon II yeah I went from a Note 3 to this. Didn't bother me. The big screen has bothering doing thing with one hand. This feels more comfortable. 
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LG Tone Pro and HTC Dot View case is in..... Big shot out to my big bro +Byron Edmond
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+ANALIE CRUZ the Klipsch have great bass it's very punchy with good all around range, I personally prefer the bass on the S4A's and the Image BT headphones to the their respective Beats Audio counterparts by a mile.

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Alvin McClendon II

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Ok... One more screenie lol. It's just fun messing around with it. 
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Mark S
I'm lovin it on my Lumia. Installed it last night and gotta admit, Cortana is f'n awesome!!!
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They call me CHEVY...
Huge Android fan. Im also a networking student just trying to finish college. I'm just an all around average dude. Love Chevys, anime, photography, comic books, wrestling, video games, sports, computers, shoes, art, drawing, all kinds of music, and all types of TV shows

Gamertag & PSN: "GameBoyColords"
(Gaming took a huge backseat to life but I still try to get it in)
Bragging rights
My little brother Calvin could never beat me in Mario Kart lol ... (He's my brother and best friend, great combo)
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