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Russian Cursive....
I'd rather be taking three neuroscience classes.

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Time to update....

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Exercise... Yay!

Breakfast in bed... Yay!!!

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🎶I'm a cat.. I'm a kitty cat!🎶

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Today I testified before members of the Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary Committee: Anti-SLAPP Legislation
Senate Bill 1095 that would afford citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania protection against malicious lawsuits filed for the sole purpose of intimidation and harassment. Very similar to California and Nevada's Anti-SLAPP laws.
I was sued in 2009 because of online postings where I quoted PUBLIC RECORDS, and exposed a $6.5 million dollar fraud at a Pennsylvania charter school. This was the largest alleged fraud of a public charter school operator to date.
It garnered a 62 count federal indictment and thus far TWO guilty pleas; obstruction of justice and conspiracy. After 5 years I await to prove my innocence.
I chuckle when I see people on social media quote "I am immune from criticism due to the First Amendment".
I thought the same thing... I know differently now. #AntiSLAPP #SLAPP #SLAPPsuits #FirstAmendment
#FreedomOfSpeech #PetitionClause

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This touched my soul.... 😌
Omg... Such a beautiful video...
+Debbie J  Babe check this out hahaha yes I cried lol

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Yesterday was a year ago that I was accepted to The University of Pennsylvania...
I am quickly heading into my THIRD semester.

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This is my father's 'Command Center'.
And they wonder why I never want to leave; football on one screen and Dr. Who on the other.
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