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Steve Turnbull
Web Dev | Writer | Creator of Universes
Web Dev | Writer | Creator of Universes

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If you aren't in... You can't win!
A signed copy of my debut novel with its new cover!

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The latest UK Scriptwriters podcast chats to Nat & Pete from Treehouse Digital Ltd. They share their journey from making DIY shorts, to making their debut feature, to the Creative England funded short, Litterbugs, and more.

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What if I told you that one of the senior developers of those games became an independent game developer last year and has just launched the trailer for his new game?

Well it's true, he has, and here it is.

Quantum Soup Studios remember that name.

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A friend of mine was editor of 2000AD for a while and he's done his top 10 covers. (The one's he commissioned.) Enjoy the nostalgia and the amazing art...

(You could also buy his book THRILL-POWER OVERLOAD, if you were that way inclined.)


You know, if you're an author, putting links to your book and information about it (and yourself) in your G+ profile is an easy win.

Why make it hard for people who are interested?

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Unlike his very 60s Bryter Layter album, Nick Drake's Five Leaves Left is an album that's timeless, and could have been released this year (he died over 40 years ago).

It's wonderful.

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Hello world! Who likes free books?

Generys started meditation to help get some more balance in her life. She didn't expect to learn that vampires are real, and to become a hunter on a quest for revenge.

One of my short stories, Nine Lights, is going to be free on Kindle today or tomorrow (depending on your time zone); and carry on being free for the rest of the weekend.
If you've enjoyed my writing in Plusland, then please check it out, and please leave a review. If you want to see this story (or any of mine) fleshed out into a full novel, then please leave a review, because I don't know what people want to read more of until you tell me.

And if one story isn't enough for you, the collection A Dozen Secrets is on pre-order now, and will be available for you to read on Monday. A dozen stories of magic and the supernatural, hiding in the shadows of a modern world. Please, check it out, and give an indie author a chance.

The collection can be found here →
And this weekend's free book →
And in case you missed it, the last short story →

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For animators/writers, Pixar have launched a free online course about how they do their thing

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He dropped his yogurt...
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