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The open source tool for logging and graphing time series data.
The open source tool for logging and graphing time series data.


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two new version of rrdtool are ready for download ... 1.5.6 with bugfixes for the 1.5 series and the all new 1.6.0 which finally makes rrdtool entirely thread-safe
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#rrdtool 1.5.3 is out, with more consistent commandline doc and dashed LINEs working again. 
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For those that never install x.0 versions: #rrdtool 1.5.1 is out. 
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Happy to announce: RrdGraphJS - a  library to make your rrd graphs interactive with minimal effort!
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Just released #RRDtool 1.4.9

New Features
* allows rrdrestore to read input from stdin
* add documentation for RRDs::xport
* RPN operators MINNAN and MAXNAN
* --left-axis-format option to rrd_graph

* properly verify validity of user suplied format strings
* remove graph functions from python module when compiled without graphing
* verify that only short integers are used in COMPUTE rpn expressions 
* eliminate duplicate setlocale calls
* fixed endless loop and double frees in rrd_restore
* fixed missing variable initializations in rrd_graph
* fixed JSON output format to actually be valid JSON
* detect failing fallocate and fall back to seeking
* fixed format string in ruby bindings
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version 1.4.8 just released (first release since january 2012)
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On the heals of the 1.4.6 release, I have just published 1.4.7 it
contains some more cleanups and the proper version number for
librrd. So make sure to use 1.4.7 and NOT 1.4.6.

RRDtool 1.4.7 - 2012-01-24

* test for tm.tm_gmtoff presence in fix for #330 (libdbi
compiles on solaris should now work too)

* check in /usr/lib64 for too

* fix shared library version number (regression from 1.4.6)

* be clearer as to what VDEF LAST/FIRST do.

* remove perl 5.004 compatibility hack and make RRDs compile with newer

New Functionality:

* added a nop control for string formatting, so that strings ending in /x are
possible by entering \x\. fix for #331

* added support for rrdgraph to use the yotta, zetta, zepto, yocto prefixes.
Fix for #333 (thanks Christoph)
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Just released rrdtool 1.4.6 with a ton of bugfixes and a few minor new features.
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spent some quality time with #rrdtool this afternoon, to improve grid fitting ... much better now ... yeay!
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