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A M Jenner
Self-published Indie Author who letterboxes.
Self-published Indie Author who letterboxes.
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I apologize I've not been around, I've been busy. Life, surgery, ComicCon, more surgery, and trying to get in the swing of things. I promise I'm alive!

Woke up with only minimal back pain today, so that's a good thing. Yesterday I got the shopping and walking done, but none of the "Eve" editing or "Misty" uploading, in part because of receiving the news that my mom's next-older brother had just died. On the plus side, Mom was already on holiday in the city where he lives, so will be able to attend the funeral without the flurry of a quick trip. On the minus side, kind of puts a damper on the holiday. He was in ill health and I view his passing as a blessing and a relief, for both him and his family. In other news, I got the final approval of "Blog Post Mortem" by Mark Berkeland, which will be published next month. It's a hilarious novella about a guy whose blog posts start coming true. Today: getting "Misty" uploaded is the priority.

It's been an interesting morning so far. I've discovered that somehow, without trying, I've lost twenty pounds since August. I also discovered that my corset is better at relieving back pain than ibuprofen. Today's daughter with grocery shopping, get a good start on the Crater Lake trail at, Take care of the final details of publishing Misty, by Marie Evergreen, which will be released Friday, do some edits on Eve, the third book in Marie Evergreen's Travelers Trilogy, and maybe have some time to watch Midsomer Murders on Netflix.

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Presidential Dogs Not Allowed
One day I almost caused an incident that might have been
considered funny. One Saturday morning, I was assigned to greet people at the
entrance [of the George H. W. Bush Library] rather than introduce the film that
begins the tour, guide tourists through th...

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Where's my money?
“Charleston, I’m really not feeling well. If you want
answers to your questions, please don’t hit me anymore. I’ll faint, and you’ll
get nothing but silence. If you will please explain what money you mean, I’ll
tell you all I know.” She felt Gavin stir agai...

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Valentine's Day in Chicago
Once she was changed, she wrapped the dress around her
blood-stained clothing, and threw the bundle as far off the road as possible.
She chuckled. Climbing back in the car to continue the journey, she was
still chuckling. She had to find the humor in the ba...

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What's a Klodfon?
Suddenly Glen realized what he was seeing. These must be
Clod-fawns. They were huge! Jenna had been conservative in her description of
seven foot lizards. These lizards walked on two legs and used their tails for
balance. Covered from head to toe with brigh...

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Not THAT sort of a man!
“I’ll be gone about a week. You and Gramps can manage that
long without me, right?” “Of course we can. Have you got a hotel room yet? They’ve
got that big party there for New Year’s, so I’m hoping not everything’s
booked.” Anna concentrated on slicing the b...

My friend's gofundme to get tires for her RV so she can move from the soggy PNW to the dryness of the Arizona desert - a move that must be made for her health - is at 57% complete. She only needs another $1600. I'm asking those of you who have some money, even only a few bucks extra, to please donate to her. Every little bit will help. Those who'd like to help but are strapped for cash, I feel your pain. Could you help by passing this on? Every share helps, too. My contribution to her moving is that I've bought airline tickets for my driving buddy and I to Washington, and we will be helping her drive her other vehicle back to Arizona.

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Inside Cell
Jameisaan looked around, assessing the situation. “We’re in
an inside cell,” he said calmly. “Why do you say that?” Fergasse’s voice reached out in the
near pitch darkness. “No windows in the walls,” was the answer. “None of the cells have windows, as they’...
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