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I have made change my friend...
I have made change my friend...

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So excited to see this data sciences paper come out!

This is one of the best examples I know that demonstrates the power of high time resolution longitudinal data series to discover key aspects of living dynamical systems.

Also a proud Father 😉
New paper out in PLoS One (so everyone can read it). A demonstration of the potential value of minimally invasive but continuous measurement in biological systems. Finding patterns in what I'm calling the temporal structure of biology.
By taking body temperature continuously, I found changes to the daily profile of temperature that provide the fastest, most accurate detection of pregnancy of which I could find record (here I use mice, but I compare to any mammal), and without having to take blood or hormones, etc. Same approach (surprising, to me) also enabled prediction of pregnancy outcome within a few hours from mating.
The data and code are posted with the paper. I encourage anyone interested to see if they can find additional predictive patterns.

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Huge win for San Diego and a major move toward personalized Precision Medicine:

No one better to lead the charge than my colleague Dr. Eric Topol. I just hope I can become one of the One Million!

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$130,000 7TB of SSD, 8 new GPUs, 512GB of RAM, dual 16-core CPU, 134 lbs...

"NVIDIA's insane DGX-1 is a computer tailor-made for deep learning" via @engadget


Venice under water.  Amazing picture of the flooding.  Flag stones across St. Marks arent going to help this time...

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This would be so cool if the gamma-ray burst really came from the two black hole collision that LIGO saw!
Over 500 kilometers above the surface of the Earth, the orbiting Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope logged a passing burst of gamma rays, a high-energy form of light.

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About to try and learn something about how Google handles Big Data - lecture at UCSD.

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Pretty accurate explanation of how gravitational waves are generated and propagate as ripples in spacetime. 
Gravitational waves, explained 
(Principia's paterfamilias)

“Gravity is a habit that is hard to shake off”*…

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Brilliant blog post by Professor +Lev Manovich​, who I am proud to say has been associated with Calit2 for almost its entire 15 year existence!
Manifesto for Democratic Art History Lev Manovich Recently I was working on a series of articles about Instagram photography, and I wanted to find some digitized collection of personal 20th century photography to compare trends between then and now. I assum...

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Nice article on on my role in the early years of numerical relativity and the search for gravity waves

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There is the signal we have waited 40 years for!
BREAKING: LIGO announces gravitational waves detected for first time. Full details plus Hawking's reaction:
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