Why Am I Not Getting Attention on G+?

If your posts are not being G+ed, shared or commented on, you have a problem! Google is going to think that you lack credibility and authority, because your industry peers are avoiding you. I would go as far as saying that it is better not to post, than to post stuff that no one is interested in.

So what should you do to get people to react to your post? Here's a list of things to consider:

1. Write posts or post articles that have new ideas, up-to-date news or could help  others improve their businesses. Don't post stuff that others have already posted about. Who wants to read stuff more than once?!
2. Go out and G+, share and comment on other people's posts and they will return the favor.
3. Don't spam or don't give the impression of spamming. People avoid anything that looks like spam, like they would the plague.
4. Give a title to your post. People breeze through posts and want to know what the post is all about before looking at it more carefully. Also, titles have SEO value.
5. Create relationships with others by talking to them in post comments or directly. If someone knows you, they are more apt to respond to your posts.
6. Including an image with your post. Images attract attention far better than text.
7. Try to ask engaging questions in your posts and people will have something to respond to.
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