My Real Estate Posts Attract Little or No Attention

It is a known fact that Google is looking out to authenticate us and our credibility through interactions on G+. Basically, if you post stuff on home staging and people in the field comment, share and/or plus one your posts, then your credibility in that you know a thing or two about home staging increases. Now, if you get a lot of interaction on such posts from people whom Google knows are knowledgeable in the field, then Google may consider you an expert or an authority in the field. In turn, being an authority helps propel your blog and website rankings on the Google search engine.

Now, what happens if you post articles and information that does not attract attention from others? Think about it... Does it not make sense that your posts may be irrelevant, unimportant or plain junk. Now let's think again. What kind of impression is Google getting about you and what you have to say? Are you an amateur, a wannabe or just another spammer? I don't have to tell you how Google will respond if these are the impressions you are leaving behind.

My take on all this, is that it is far better not to post anything, if others are not stopping by to interact with it. It is time to make a bigger effort to cultivate relationships with others in order to ensure that your posts get the necessary attention. Instead of spending all your time posting stuff nobody cares about, you should budget at least half your time making friends, talking to them, +1ing, sharing etc. You would be surprised how quickly people will return the favor and help draw attention to your posts. That, my friends, will give you the edge over your competition in search engine rankings and your marketing efforts.
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