Advantages of Joining a Community on Google Plus

Further to my post on making a list of the advantages for G+ users to join a community, here are the final results from all the comments. A special thanks to +Joshua Berg for his detailed comments, parts of which are included below.

Here's the List of the Advantages of Joining a Community on G+

1. A quick way to get involved with a large, active group of people and organizations having a common interest. There are many people and pages on G+, but only a small percentage of them are really active.

2. Increasing your authority with Google, based on the community theme. Community members are generally more active, discussing topic relevant to the community and its interests. This increases the frequency of G+'s, sharing and commenting, all ingredients promoting authority.

3. A well moderated community will keep the discussions relevant and free of spam. There is reason to believe that G+ is ranking communities partly based on the quantity and quality of interactions within their posts. Spam-free and well moderated communities will keep members focused and engaged, for the benefit of all members.

4. Another advantage is that members don't have to work hard to identify interactive users within their industry or interest group. Whereas before, it was necessary to create circles of your most engaging users to interact with, now you have a large concentration of them in the community.

5. Benefiting from other like-minded members' experiences and knowledge.

6. The opportunity to get circled by other members in the same industry.

7. The sense of community causes members to be more caring and helpful to each other.

8. Newcomers will have a large group of interactive users, without the effort or the delay in building circles.
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