Phantom Thread

Our film's events take place in London. It depicts the art of handcraft tailoring in the fashion industry during the 1950s in postwar Europe. This was the last acting performance by Daniel Day Lewis, who decided to retire after this film.

The film also stars Luxembourgian actress Vicky Krieps (The Colony), British actresses Camilla Rutherford (The Fifth Estate, Gosford Park), and Leslie Manville (Coronation Street, Midsomer Murders), in addition to Irish/English actress Jane Perry (A Hologram for the King).

During the 1950s, in postwar London, famous tailor Reynolds Woodcock (Daniel Day Lewis), works with his sister Cyril (Leslie Manville) in dressing the Royal Family, celebrities, artists, filmmakers and community leaders, while living in the midst of the fashion world. A woman (Vicky Krieps) enters Reynolds' life, and turns it upside down. She becomes his love and inspiration. Reynolds eventually discovers that his life, and everything he planned for would inevitably be spoilt by this love.

I'd say all the actors played their respective roles very well indeed, but Vicky Krieps really surprised me.

The film's soundtrack appeared to be working at times to raise its tempo in order to avoid boredom. The cinematography is splendid, it has a rich ''film'' feel to it, which I thought complemented the depiction of the 50s era.

The film's director Paul Thomas Anderson (Punch-Drunk Love, There will be Blood) tends to be biased towards the triumph of selfish characters at the expense of others, and does a good job when it comes to how the characters intertwine with each other.

It's an OK film, but boring at times to be honest.

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