The Shape of Water

Our film takes surrealism to the most absurd point of the imagination, beyond which there is no imagination. Guillermo del Toro is considered one of the most prolific directors of imaginative power in modern cinema.

The film revolves around Elisa (Sally Hawkins), a lonely woman who works as a caretaker in a secret government laboratory in Baltimore in 1962, where her life will forever change when she discovers a hidden secret there, a mysterious amphibious creature from South America living in a reservoir. While Elisa is establishing a relationship with her new boyfriend, she understands that his fate and survival depends on the help of a secret agent hostile to the government and also a marine biologist.

Del Toro was very smart in his attention to detail, such as his ability to revive the 60s through decors, clothing, cars, lighting etc. that accurately conveyed that era. And let's not forget the metaphorical expression of his love of cinema by incorporating it in the film's unrelated story line, where the heroine lives in a flat above a cinema!

Now let's get out of the way and jump to the actors' side and how the main heroine can achieve that dazzling performance. When I finished watching the film, I went looking for actress Sally Hawkins and found out that she suffers from dyslexia. Not that I'm stupid in that I do not know it's an on-screen depiction, but because her performance was so convincing you would actually think she was indeed, dyslexic.

The last thing we have to talk about is the story and the film in general, and why it may be considered wonderful and at the same time, bad. The most important thing is that the film in its first watch will appeal to you and you might consider it one of the best movies of 2017, or you might not, because it is the type of movie you can not watch more than once, once it ends you might say: ''good movie, wonderful, amazing...'', but I do not think you'll appreciate watching it again. Each to their own, of course.

Another thing, is that the film for some will be disgusting (some and not everyone) because of many things like that amphibious creature and its relation to the main character. Also, there is something else (I do not want to spoil for you) about the person who is the enemy of the so-called evil character.

In any case, the film remains an unusual, poetic piece of cinematic work with its brilliant music, which was awarded ''best soundtrack'' at the Golden Globes last year.


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