A Quiet Place

Your only weapon to survive is silence. If they hear you, you're dead."A Quiet Place" is undoubtedly one of the most original and innovative thrillers I've seen this year. The story revolves around a family living a life of total silence, fearing an unknown entity of demonic beings which attacks its victims whenever they make the faintest of sounds. The events take place on a rural farm in post-apocalyptic times.

I'd consider this film primarily as a thriller mixed with some horror. It definitely drew me from start to finish. All the main characters were very well acted, but I will focus especially on the performance of actress Emily Blunt, who plays the role of the mother, she was the most distinctive character in this film, and that made for some breathtaking scenes. Her husband in the film is played by actor John Krasinski (who is actually her real-life husband, like you really needed to know that) of whom I do not know very much. I saw him once in ''13 Hours'', but he proved in this film that he is a first-rate actor.

This was also his directorial debut, where he was very clever in dealing with the factor of silence and how the characters interacted with it. What makes the film more exciting is its use of an important technique in literary writing, which the French call Focalisation Externe (external focus), in which the narrator sees everything from the outside, as an external witness. There is no justification. It's a narration that remains totally neutral and objective. This technique raises the suspense levels, making the viewer keen on knowing what is happening.

The film remains a great artistic creation, and I do not think you will hate it, even if you are not a fan of this film genre, you might even end up putting it in your list of the best movies of the year! It remains the kind of film that makes you wanna watch it more than once, and this is one of its strong suits, as there are other films that become too heavy and difficult to watch again. Maybe it's because of the film's atmosphere, maybe the actors' good performances, or maybe the great story.


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