Into the wild

The film depicts the real life story of Christopher McCandless, a young man who excels at university and sports, but decides to abandon his normal life when, one day, he disappears after donating all his money to charity. Christopher goes on a long trip into the wilderness that lasts for months. These are the happiest days of his life, during which he meets people who contribute to changing his life, and in reverse, he's able to change their lives as well, the film reaches a rather unexpected climax which, of course, I won't spoil for you.

I liked the film very much although it's quite long, with events that progress at a steady pace. I had a strong desire to experience what Chris had done, to abandon the bustling life and embrace nature for a day, a week or a month, to experience the primitive life of our ancestors in the very near future, climb the mountains, cross the plains and valleys, and dive into the rivers and seas.

The actors' performances were very good, especially the old man Ron Franz (played by Hal Holbrook), who Christopher McCandless (very well played by Emile Hirsch), had known during his travels, there's also a great supporting cast in Kristen Stewart, Vince Vaughn and William Hurt.

The soundtrack is also very good, contributing to the feeling of freedom and the desire to drop out of the human world and embrace nature.

Highly recommended.
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