This is a war drama depicting the story of a US tank in World War II (April, 1945), when most American tanks were destroyed by the powerful German tanks. Nevertheless, the elements of this tank (named Fury) and its commander, Don 'Wardaddy' Collier (Brad Pitt), decided to cross Germany with the remaining tanks until they were left alone in the end, and were made to choose between escaping or performing one of the greatest acts of valor that this war has witnessed (I won't spoil it for you).

The film is very good in general, and its story is new. The focus is not on the war or on a particular character, but on the tank as a whole, director David Ayer presented one of his best films, the tank photography and battlefield choreography were both top notch. One of the negatives for me though was that the characters weren't unique, with not enough depth and I felt that they should've been depicted more broadly.

The end was distinctive, the events were multiple and did not stop at a certain location. The actors' performances went reasonably well; Brad Pitt's performance was good, but he certainly did not outperform his Inglourious Bastards role. Logan Lerman's (Noah, The Three Musketeers) acting was the best in my opinion, he played "Norman Ellison" . Even Shia LaBeouf (who I can't stand) acts very well here.

The cinematography and music added a lot to the film. No use of shaky-cam during combat scenes, thank heavens.

I'm not an avid fan of war films, but I do enjoy watching one till the very end every couple of months only if it's very good, and this one didn't disappoint.


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